In Case You Missed It: World Cup Finals

Thursday, July 12th

In case you missed it, Intern Kevin predicted that Croatia is going to win, so we test him and see what else he can predict: 

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Big news in the sports world yesterday in these finals of the world classic World Cup or in place. It's France in Croatia. Nolan saw any of that coming not just the favorites were always out some Belgium Germany and Brazil. The big horn writes. Well certainly amazing happened during this process. Every Tuesday we do a segment here on the wake up call called street sports with intern Kevin recruited seven point. Ands. We have a little fun and Devin not really big in the sports world he got to just put pieces together and now we all laugh about it. Haven't made that the verdict Sheehan. That shocked everybody. When the prediction of the World Cup his prediction. Actually happened here's clip. Well play well in an area Croatia. Will play England winner each match will play the final of the world com. We switched to you go for pretty things gonna go. Croatia. Why. There are underdogs always got to root underdogs. So you predicted. The final of the World Cup would be Branson Croatia. And then you called for Croatia. Which would be incredible gap Croatia's first World Cup victory. Did you know. Oh my god I love fortune teller I can't tell. Are you how I know I just had a gut feeling you get watching the World Cup and feeling the energy from the scene how that was great. Now what wasn't about England's energy he. Compared to Croatia's energy that like you just were not be England's energy I felt like they were not ready for the World Cup theme yet. All they're not ready for it really I don't know Katie it's just a feeling you have Kyle and I thought I wouldn't under. In the little tell me OK so would you have like other prediction could clearly your wage so like I. All of our do you have other predict jab jab get Levy feel all I can go. This will be sports related it can be anything okay like this do we think Justin. Beavers really gonna marry that Baldwin girl let me feel the stars channeling that Jesus. They're going to be married but they're gonna divorce and five mine's five and I'll say it again I don't think this I. We need to video of this comes we need to burn cabinet the state could oh and we gotta we gotta get Smart predictions out the lines are aligned with our current. Davidson and Arianna ground day. They're probably got relax a little longer. A lot organ five months last Arianna brownies gonna get on his nerves and they're gonna last about a year and a half to big deal. Okay how can I do. Is the first time we've been able to see into the future or have does that give to volleys half. I think this is the first time this Arthur finally aligned the planet's lineup but the stars and it's a straight. Line that you hear you here medium sometimes say that like. You know their abilities came right around the same time that they hit puberty so I may pertain. I've any. A big responsibility to these Italians there views I mean yeah people are gonna shoot me tat. Acts ASCII and I'll MI got to get this raise our I got to win the Lott. 73389. And I'll right now that you want Kevin to Purdue and yet. Yeah respond every single tax. You want to be answered out questions. Yes okay I'd like a magic 8 ball but am I'm twenty far somatic Tony far ball okay. Think. That's a Roman decent predictions are asking the fires are Katie. I'm Kate needs got to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday when my eight and then at odds of the World Cup. I knew that yes and then IG's gonna trip and fall on you how to miss the winning gall and when I'm gonna help her I guess I'd be okay. She's gonna be okay. Yo ma are now a real do rain rain. Rain and the genes healing energy had all of how that happened that. Hadn't read getting sub date he's got to get a stomach it went this coming out of his mouth. Well it's. Unclear how your area and hammer throw. An honest count on site and they are around afternoon. Why does everything happening on Sunday I asked him what's gonna focus on afternoon whatever that means so what happened beyond Sunday on his own. I'll ER at the goal I don't tips grant. It's rather than I beat up the family day I'm gonna. Add up. You're gonna end up taking care that you can't get states he's going to be tired. Yeah what is sick but I thought oh my god no I. Haven't closed. Times while he's channeling I got in either buyers should I predict this World Cup winner. Yeah well you aren't even in the city for crew Croatia wow let's add. That. 165. B and.