Cat Stuck in Tree

Friday, March 16th

The Wake Up Call talk about a guy that called 911 just to get his cat down from the tree:


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Did you see story from Tennessee. An eighteen year old man called the fire department. Saying that his house is on fire. The dispatcher 911 since you've got a fire at your house. Saying yes ma'am. Dispatchers immediately sent firefighters. To the house and the dispatcher asks him one and how is everyone okay. Yeah yeah everything's great well the the responders came to the house and they saw there was no fire. Turns out. This guy called 911. Because there was just a cat in a tree. That's that is not me not big enough and he. At a different. From revenues surrogate and investigate missing your good morning producer gave good morning so. This call lay and this eighteen year old kid in jail and should. At. Least it's usually not. One Warren it's time file will all night on one report. Crying I. I know you love Hugh animals more than humans. Equally I don't think that's true. I love the fact that people love their pets are I mean I love my dog Henry you let your cats yeah Katie loves her children. But I think that it's in good. Well yeah but I think that it's one of those things like is this killing. A little too far. I that he was just worried that they're not in a rush over to his house meanwhile. He's in his cat stuck in a tree. As light is flashing right before his eyes. And he needs. Assistance right away and us would do that that situation. A lot of us are human and alive and well and I am not. Yeah and cat that's not true you know I seem cats get in another dream. Many times in my life they came into the here's the problem with that cats can easily clog up the tree yeah. But they have a difficult times sometimes getting down because they don't clawed down a tree OK why it can get pretty hot but he hit unlike. Priests while they. I'm just jumped and I mean they just jump down and and then cats can all from a really Heidi I'll height right relatively safely. Like we're gonna like maybe like 1015 even twenty feet yeah so I mean how how big was this tree. Still light. I read what you don't think this cat when it comes out when it was how well here's a thing so the cat was stuck in the tree since Sunday night. This guy called 9:1 line at 4 o'clock Monday afternoon. And this eighteen year old said that he could not find the help he needed it in figured the fire department would help him loads them. Due to them having big latter's. RI II. There I'd. Have the same thought process there. You've heard of firefighters getting cat's out of three is Nate. So I. It's tough out the map what do I do not rush. From my line. The hours I know saying he didn't commit a crime. But I think he went to jail right now. To jail for something like that they should be like no. All yeah with the. The Ngo does it say hi doesn't say. How long game do you would you. If you knew we were gonna go to jail. How long would you go to jail if that meant saving them like we would be like OK I giggled for a week then know what the out. Jail for a couple days spoke. I'm Ryan I'm all for sure if I felt strongly about it I don't believe this one hunt yeah you know idea would you. Tres. Note that again it's free. All three. Really at a sense of debit. If you think about it because I did not have eight. And cats natural instinct. Looks a panther I mean at the cannot give it claw its way. Right OK okay he. Climate in death but I'm out and ended the air and a tree I mean. To be like well again on the branch or some. You probably went up too high it looked down and freaked out bet he's so high in the tree and then he's like hey owner I'm second this three please try them man. I'll call the fire department. Don't tell them right. I handle high. That's buyer it's like when you see a dog leg try like scoop behind a couch. And walks back behind it and then it can't figure out how to back itself out yeah. That actually have you view see real life. Firefighters getting academy imagery no nobody has seen cats that injuries and animal would not up there until. Jesus Allah I. I am telling you regardless. This is not out crying in the not that should really got us not. Go to jail for something like there. You can hang up bug go find me I.