Celebrity Presidents

Wednesday, June 20th

Gabe talks about how crazy it is that celebrities want to run for office:

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By the end guy. A recent interview with CNN on the evening Ben Jones show. Can't card ASEAN. Went back. If she would never consider running for office specifically president of the United States her response was. Never say never and Jerry among the growing trend of celebrities that wanna throw their name into the hat to be president of the United States. Did she bring her name in the hat or is she giving like a celebrity response. I feel like. A lot of celebrities say best parent I mean. And then I'm. Little they don't even say it like I don't think Oprah ever said he had that Stroud and then the media was like she should do it after she gave one speech one award show. At two on base she should delegate and then every time they aster she is Ohio burger Maryland from an idea that's true I mean it wouldn't be the first celebrity he really come to a crashing another depression yeah she said quote I guess never say never but that's exactly to be like me saying Kim's running. That's one now on I'm going for I just wanna help starting with one person at a time. That are allowed the right price for game. Hanging at heavily I am sick and tired of this first of all Kim Kardashian and say never because it should never happen. Our kids isn't so let Kim Kardashian and fun celebrity I. Oh OK can keep you coming. I thought what she did was cool as she's being like kind of activists are OK I heard that good on her but it. No. So many celebrities are doing this we got Alec Baldwin the other day said he'd consider it we got the rock saying he's considering it. This car. Five you'd be giving gave say this this is our net. Stereotypical view completely I was so usually your very likable and that's what they're harp on them they think they can make a difference not only that till bush Leggett seems like if anybody has any idea no matter what that idea is you support it well I would not say that's true auto. I think is lighter I think it's cool for celebrities stated to how. And to lag do good and to use their voice in a positive way the question. Q how did shoes. The real celebrities. Her run for president if I mean you're being forced here. All right. That well obviously a daunting Arianna Arianna grind it you do your dog like can I do Arianna grew. Arianna brought it hit a lot this year little nerve to be president and an utter weed it hasn't mattered that I'm against this remembered for are gonna grundy it's OK okay. Unless I have one base. Of it's it's tragedy. I extreme. Circumstance now. Lassie comes through she pulled that together are right she gets things done gradation. Okay the guys seem real hasty with her dating decisions but that is not every key Davids then as the first such as. Now why wouldn't I be funny yes that's low hello. What that would keep my book to others Obama leads in silver's down 020. When she. Really cool and it's remember clueless. Why hurt and still never not obscure she writes books. The guy yeah yeah yeah. Okay you ready and your celebrity president. Dax Shepard. CR and a Monica only he's funny. Easy yeah even in the top ten of funny people. I. And has said thank you would it be Dax shepherd fan. Why would you even go with Dax Shepard. He's a big Shepard got the tour we do have. Me on Twitter. Did your breath he's got a great policies obviously. Isn't sure why I'm between Katie. I really EE he is the warm hands Ryan Reynolds and I would tell that it axes cities that. Two mice elaborate in president bingo. Ryan I support that's. Ryan Reynolds I. Touch it it saw you. He's funny you already told us that's so I figure it it would eat David said. Lightly could be our First Lady yeah I'm. That's a good point tell that Ryan Reynolds couldn't create world peace blocking and he'd be charming he'd be he'd be like and I feel like he's not even all the good the good actor. Canadian. A lightning and you'll remember. Okay what I have heard. I need good news about president Ryan Reynolds as he can always have a body double and Dax Shepard and know whatever now the guys the president was killed and and Billick all. Oh. I just getting back showed that they love bill. 1065 B and.