Chain Reaction 11-2-16

Wednesday, November 2nd

The Wake Up Call  play another round of “Chain Reaction” for tickets to Kanye West...


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I just thought this Kevin our team name can be jinx busters. Because. I'm hoping that's going to be that's why is that anybody aware I'm hoping you're regretting his decision I do have some jinx is and now one team action on a Katie and British and tossed it mattered to play. Chain reaction and you guys are going to be playing with Chris from Roseville tiny tickets up for grabs Chris good morning. Morning so I if you've never heard chain reaction prism assuming you know you just played a server analysis where we team up to make it chain words that describe something when you hear the bell. Anybody at bell was. A young. So let's move on TV and you that when you rebel digging gas correct answer against a point most points win. Our eyes are you ready to get sixty seconds he has made he's right. As possible. Chris credit let's do it ain't tall skinny man is 62 timer. Starts. Now. This is where. Ice. Is made. And kept. Her yeah that's why this is why you Wear on your feet. Truth yeah. This is what you Wear at Halloween and dropped it yeah this is where. You'll putts pictures. And. Breivik wow this is. And the good the grass around you at the beach. It has this is where Obama lands. Why yeah this. In his the king. Music. Of I'm in my that. It is what it. Do that's when you don't win. And that being his busters he had this if you could could fit it if it if I didn't I guess is that awful employment and a bad name. Well. Oh boy oh boy mobile wanna see John in. Why did I know like you know and I know return really hard you're gonna try really hard here but when we were asleep Larry Gavin is and he's getting yelled Niemi. Flustered. When you're ready did this I'm ready I'm ready sixty seconds. Per year override his sixty seconds starts. Now this is a sandwich. That is may even. Ground beef. Yes as wind. This. Is why you draped over your body the way you aren't sleeping. And our cold. Thanks guys suit and I. Wind. It stops. Raining. This is is not high. Though no rainbow and okay I'll want it comes. To shooting. Yeah yeah yeah. And I'll mom OK I can assure you that you know pluck. And then from. Alone. We have a lot of hard words losing sponsors happy and examines the presidential blink hip moraine rainbow. I saw little colors you have been colors and peninsula confining feel and arrange my usual. Orange and well all Muslim fountain found hard and I who Veronica. And no one except. Is Jason's full isn't JC's. It was only I don't know how Howard to send. Home. Hey who ask your dollar and soon John Yang. And I thought the bank. Yeah it was unfair because I suck at this apparently and then decided hey congratulations you know enjoy kind of been called once and again. Are all don't go before and as soon as your good friends and wonderfully you're gonna love it.