Chain Reaction 3-20-17

Monday, March 20th

The Wake Up Call play another round of “Chain Reaction” for tickets into our “Little Mixer” with Little Mix:


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But we're so wake up call. Chain reaction for these and Gavin you and I are going to be teaming up first and the intern Kevin and Katie bar and down. Just I mean he. You're not very good. And so Canada's healing you actually got more and got little guys who I am playing with little and hang. Hey guys and wait I. And stop fighting so stop fighting and please look prettier a guy in jail cabaret. Act at eight and did you do did normally. There Burton tells Greg let's play the game as these schools that's floods on this air smoker of Sarah. Are doing all right so the way this works is we're gonna play a way to gold chain reaction is where we team up. To make you change your words of former sentence describing a word when you're the bell. Here and take a guess they were the most Greg words Denis sixty seconds winds are way into the end Lumix through Mexico are you ready. At certain can be heard this before. I know about it all right so again we'll get an example their commands and right now that's hours. China and Manila mayor all right so here we go here we go. The first one timer starts. Now. This. Is why do you sleep hands. A bad actor dead and that I guess why don't want our best these. Are swimming. Turns. Well no there. Patricia. This visit this. Is. How you open. Eighth door. And at all. Onliners. These. Are things you download it on and telephone. I don't know laughs I was also dramatic indeed this is. Why is in. Oh I do not wrong. She had roomed with. Every room I do I look and yeah I don't. Tiger Woods. Might go there is going to be employment and even now one. That wasn't our fault that was my follow live as husband and say hey guys swimming creatures. And easier and she was right he wasn't wrong and fish you took act against. Answers on the board Barack. All I was thinking when I thought it was rude and you thought it was prove his. We're form of route is he going lake it's this it's so rare ruin the exact number he is no way a man that was hard and I'm sorry or that wrong but Casey from sac is playing with. Katie and intern Kevin. They think. OK okay sell you got that one under round so these passes to get in this party can be yours and you're sixty seconds. Star he is on the ballot are needed I'm happy out of we got broken all right you're timer starts. Now. Says cleared your. Bulb. Is Gary. I'll tell. There is lots deals. On eighteen ladder. Credit Portland and there. This is what you stick on the ladder. Yeah what it. Says. And that's so. Sonar to. Don't you can't iron so Steve Blake. And. Dancing like yours might enable Larry K and us and we don't want this is. You play on. A bit and I'm and ground. We start up and the good. Deeds not. Obviously I don't know what's going on. You guys get more I forgot you're playing. With two handicaps I think it's fun. No that's one's gonna count my. What was the word eighties did she say two words is one when she sank eight cucumbers or not I said AZ now here number I don't think all right okay mountain gradually. You know you feel like there's an and I am morally. Mean now let me well is that. You know it seems like a more fair contest what we do is we just go live to eighty and throw tickets on the highway. Sometimes it feels like that would be a better that hey you're going to seal. I mean he's right up. I'm not going to he had two passes into you wanna 65 the ends little makes there was little makes. It and Yahoo! which member of Lumix is your favorite but Jim's father. All of them to court. It will pick you can't pick a single mixed. He's and sure. I see is she was asking you Joyce who's your favorite because that's obviously can spend an hour. Now you don't now that's okay all right you're welcome you're gonna meet them. And yeah they're gonna try aren't around a dead little ones and later on Sunday night so enjoy and while more of those passes. Comment out. Now all this week. Wake up call 1605 PM.