Chain Reaction 8-17-16

Wednesday, August 17th

The Wake Up Call play another round of "Chain Reaction" to give away tickets to the live WWE Pay-Per-View event coming to Sacramento...


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So Demi WE is coming to town. And doing their first big show our first ever shall I. No month Sarin and a month. Maybe lesser forget anyway so this shows a big shelter them. And we have tickets Myanmar this week and I seem excited Imus and it was his show you UK yet he doesn't so much not Selma gets them and as I mean the night. By we're gonna play in call chain reaction. Where you were gonna give clues word by word we each missile give one one word trying to get you to answer. They're come up with where we're coming expert Katie you're gonna rules. We're gonna pick a word tank and then Gavin and I are going to say different words to try to. Describe that word so you know what we're talking point that's but that's if the word was taped. We do like this is something you will use as. A and he says. On paper. And then you take. Out. It's hurtful it's all my fault all right cell Gavin you've been the best of this game so far I haven't I haven't lost yet so we are going to go. First. I'm gonna play with meanings and educating I can't act Amy from back of oh good morning. Normal Amy we're gonna sixty seconds to get as many right as possible comment and Dahlia one guest par. Her around word we have a clue to all the words are at least loosely related to the world of WW. If not directly so Gavin if peavy struggled Andy's. On human. Nature and watching you guys ready. You won't hear the timer but trust me is there sixty seconds. Amy starts with the first clue Gavin games. College is have these. As presidents. No. No and now I don't know who it was dean next hole. Eighth. Move and wrestling where you. Pick up. On demand and dropped him on I don't know next. In the it. Wins you win. Championship now you can't say that the words champion but then they champions okay. These words are so hard on. And this is there some help out yeah. Oh yeah it's an amazing mom hey. Fist. Dies this. Yeah that's true. My. We got to note these are the hardest words ever or not that hard body slam champ got. App and its you re gonna. Good job with that she buys land WB CC was a good we did a great job with the Dow dean dean dean entirely I four. Does that some of the champion right now as the an Indian side I think it's just dean now I just as is first and slams the last visit my. We struggled and why the cameras WW Champloo we have come a long way since like junkyard dog and hundred acre. Now it's just Bryce. He said. He then Demi very tickets up for grabs. And dad yeah I'm 80 yea gotta be two dose now I mean it doesn't seem impossible here but then again you never now. Tom Katie may not be able lead Gavin down the road of some of these tricky words I guess by our yet ready yes are you ready. Oh yeah are really out sixty seconds starts right now. Muscles. I went and ill do that collect it is as wide a man. Why didn't. These. They just. Superheroes. They choke. Has who has Hulk next. Hey can move. Well there you know lay. On the someone. At that. And all its aids. What I'm up against these. Aren't you know. I'm OK where I am well what did you know junk EN. To hold. Yeah. Well now we have Dan tie. Yeah are you're all like crazy about it I get zero angering those are not our words yet I why occasion. Would have. Yeah man. Out your full of crap for yourself you those are not they're not that hard but not with a solo act and it is wrestling you didn't goal eight. Have you didn't aren't so we're gonna guys I was thinking he vendors yeah you don't go to all that everyone knows now I guess everyone knows all hold him to a handful. Yeah anyway are so here we're gonna do a way to do it this way by and how to resettle the biggest wrestling matches. And number one are gonna pick a number Mars so you're gals. Here you know I want you to take number one to ten drill down guys Syria says episodes all the earth either you go first 110 person comes closest. Earth and hang on let's go to Amy Amy Bakken well what's your number. Or. What was that number 99 she wins I'm sorry and parents are making graduation earlier gone do I Demi memories. Show no mercy congratulations. Are you laughing because they're gonna sell the tickets or someone who wants it once ago. Now my boyfriend once again I think it's ridiculous Summitville anyway. Yeah yeah. You'll have fun paying your face I don't know get drawn killed a great time.