Charmin EDM Song

Wednesday, February 21st

The Wake Up Call is obsessed with the Charmin commercial we're currently running and you will be too. 


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The way so. 165 C and excel is so you're out 106 by the end we're veering on top of popular music. Popular culture when new songs drop like many new tricks song comes down you sung from the weekend in Kent law art Taylor Swift were always one of the first in the country to play it now. I got the heads up that a song has been brought to our attention on that is actually. A commercial. Sharm in. Toilet paper company mountain as decided she would put this song I. Even calling it a jingle is probably not even act and act on call did jingle is a disservice. Just got to play it for you and you can judge from there they shouldn't talk about going to the bathroom so weird sermon we decided to sing about it now. Just clean up. Not only did it. He's meaning he never have a I'm still sadness and pain. One to go wouldn't the Nazis. And and would wish I would wish the evil and see what is your game. Garlands of this news it's it's what the kids would call a bop. Or opt not so good I may literally raved to that song I was wondering it dipped low. Or like Stevie Oki somebody produce it. You're bad drop that they play it ends. And east over. I gave Beijing met you he here at the drop and I gotten. Why not enjoy the bill I think every game here that he figures to have them have gone back and forth I mean. The running GM of Tony it don't we haven't we all lose ten pounds Regan download the song and I didn't even hear the whole thing because we'll just. Run and run and run or are you embarrassed that it is wrong about wiping your buck I like them he are the way to make the Sonics beat the old I'm. It's gotta top ten right at all it's so I mean it's relatable pennies let's do this let's let's still threw some lyrics real fast just dissect this spurs. Yeah. I was just up just clean our butts any of cleaner mad cow to mom yeah. Cleaning an average tiny yes super shiny smarter should I. And I think the message in the song is a really good yeah fresher yeah. Kindness. Yeah Pedro. Check. Why not enjoy the bill puts on a people are shooting teaser. My dad your Fuzzy Raeburn boo. First of all I want the full song I want it to be at least three minutes. There have picked that song come about a marketing meeting and being in a massive conference room charming and this is how wind down. All they had a big boardroom meeting okay and is amazed at guys weren't the quilted northern. Got it we are sure yeah. Is X that may jar all of them that nervous bald guy. I don't know. Then Susan the only millennial on. The I'm gonna fall under an owner right by Susie yeah down she goes. I know what it is but none of you man wanna talk about it. We're both old person toilet paper we need to be a toilet paper might generate yeah. And on the lid mailed generation M wolf what we do know Bob. What we do we hired the key to make a white man with. All. He would never do it sure why he. And says 'cause that. Dog would you lead. And I insurer up here we are no. Yeah no. Beginning the beginning. He's DJ and even. Our men and little light at the BJ have to weren't. He did you ever love that and it is like down home Susan let me holing a chip in and moment I don't buy. And I don't know what's.