Christmas Movie Or Not

Wednesday, December 6th

Are these Christmas movies or not? We then reveal what official percentage said Christmas or Not Christmas


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By the end. It's a wake up call but. No other way can call top five who. 766106. Live. Aren't these Christmas movies or not it's human. Yeah I was gonna put distressed real finally addressed. It could this year it's a debate that's that's gone on words centuries. A lot of these are really Christmas movies are not a banker. 7661065. What to call up it won't give your opinion on some of these Christmas movies centuries before the movies even exist right now I yes. Yeah for rose Belgian morning. It is the movie Paul Malone. Out Christmas movie means it totally totally it's. Start within easy one ISO that. No brainer and my wife obviously knew I. And my wife doesn't think it's a Christians believe that you think it is. She does she thinks it's funny movie not about Christmas she's an idiot. How he's. Yeah I got Barack I'd genius for her record I I am I doubt that he's worth mentioning like a member of men's there are so. Obviously then no brainer there it's a wonderful life nationally and brings Christmas vacation in L Chris destroyed those obvious I'm damned right but these are movies that have been debated soon 97% of people surveyed think that Paul Malone is a Christmas mister. No those three well against yeah if I'm right I would see and I tendon from Rockland morning. Moret now yeah here's the next one is frozen at a Christmas movie. No you can't. Well I agree yeah it's in two people think that because he is and wintour right because there's snow is movie Everest all so. Eight Christmas and I think a well I 70% of people said frozen not a Christmas movies aren't. They accident Christmas movie the sum be able to the styles now I guess snowman right got it spoiler alert. I'd sit sit at least I. Sit lolly OK got it injuring him and trying to trying to ready definitely again. Od and die hard is die hard a Christmas movie or not. Absolutely not. And really I disagree with the ally is so I had seventy. I don't even think I've seen that her only thrill so can you guys explained and you whites Christians and he takes place the president's got. All about him trying to see Stanley and just terrorist get in the way right to see his family for Christmas. Anchors mysteries 50s56%. Of people said it is a Christmas movie I was a close one that's the closest one out of all of these and 7661065. Here's the next one. Edward scissor hands and now Christmas movie or not Christmas movies now. I think now. What are my favorite movies ever really yes. Yeah I loved that movie when I was a kid 80% said not Christmas will be brought I would say not anchors. I'd the last line. Let's dig this is the one that's being subject to debate. He's like every night finally dude it's a nightmare before Christmas means to. Christmas or not Christmas. Not at this. And I am passion. Lee on the side of it not Christmas didn't look at movie is that it is very Halloween movie now that that happens that have a little bit the Christmas and it. Okay Pamela you make your point oh good I'm glad you are because I'm actually prepared for this argument my whole life a whole lot. A blank Alina thank. I agree I. There are so many dark scenes in nightmare before Christmas. Because of the darkness in the movie that Disney did not release it under the Disney pictures they released it under touchdown because they were. Worried that it was too dark for kids I'm. Which is why one it is Halloween movie to go. Then noticed which is that crowding there are there of they rule the Internet as far as nerd stuff goes didn't official Paul and they found that 60%. Said that this is a Halloween movie. And might finally getting reason is as to why that it is because most today Isabel Halloween it is about it is from the perspective of Halloween characters. And any. Is about then ruining Christmas. Plus yes it is true that Jack. I use is the spirit of Christmas to transform himself but he transforms himself back into being the representative of Halloween town. And my final point in the director of it who is not meet. I have a very selective or Celek he has said it is a Halloween movie okay yeah yeah Barack you're our major pairs skating. OK when you can't die hard as Christmas movie you need Big Three point seven make it Christmas movie you said Christmas trees. You said it takes place at Christmas nightmare before Christmas has. All of the three things you said may die harder Chris was moving now. Know that you are talking about the darkness in August. What could what and I'm Boris is is a battle. Is that people call leaned down and try and shoot basically take over Christmas and of the U spoiler alert. Jack's job is to. Christmas he is all about Christmas. The entire movie and the end is it about him going back Halloween towed to just specifically like beat them. King of Halloween night. It is about embracing exactly who you are accepting who you are doesn't have anything did. Really Holley. Tim from Roosevelt is nightmare before Christmas Christmas movie or not. I'm gonna go with yet just because when you hear the bomb what then. All of Christmas from their own. Not true. Actually know what snow tracking poll and I a look at this contract and that is the old Christmas song ended mostly they. It is about all. I'm self reflection and not making Christmas Halloween are making Christmas that the other one but most of the songs though are like very email asked like Halloween gloomy songs. I'm sorry Tim that he is arguing with you I think you're making some really great I think that's geared just. Yes of course everybody can say it's both but take a stand again I still Clinton the general consensus from the. Poll the results. Nightmare before Christmas. 78%. Of people believe. Betty is it Chris. Does everybody know you don't against the creator. The men eighteen.