Clear The Shelters

Friday, August 17th

Bobby from Front Street Animal Shelter came into the studio to share more information about "Clear The Shelters" event that they are participating in. For more information head over to our instagram, @end1065 or check out Front Street Animal Shelters instagram, @FrontStreetAnimalShelter

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A friend Bobby is in here from French street animal shelter everybody good morning good morning guys thanks for having us. You have they events coming up tomorrow is called clear the shelters and this is not just to Sacramento I think this is a national thing right extends because they saw something them about this on rob. Yeah I got. Robby gets to bring him. Yeah I know we have created a move me I would say that yet clear the shelters been around for a few years now on because of this movement over a 150000 animals have found homes across the nation. And our goal is to help empty front street on Saturday car outlets greats. I so it says starting at noon at the shelter and then you guys are also partnering with their pet co Arden. I'm going to be 11 AM and you're trying to find homes. Pro at least in Jessica animals are absolutely difference tree sheltered takes an 111000 animals every single year so our kennels are often very full. And this is a way for us to really asks a community as a call of action to come now support us find pets great homes and obviously makes a much needed space. Did you brought down you're three dogs and he brought 21 of them is named Chloe. And she's the sweetest old woman I've ever seen the light she literally looks like old dad and you know he's that you guys had to pull her thirteenth a lot of her front teeth out because they were in such bad yeah I fourteen she's calm she's ten years old and she's clearly up for adoption. You know kind of like broke my heart was the story that these guys are telling me. That when she was broad and the shelter. On the she was like scared. Of the shelter she was scared the other dogs and stuff like that it made me think like. Of course at like if you're in if you were an old person and all of a sudden you found yourself in like a totally different area. You know them what you've spent most of your life that would be so scary and like she needs she did that quiet home. You know to live out her retirement years. You know with just may be like like it's single wall that are single guy I know and. Couple that doesn't quite a couple kids have moved out and out or not that is are looking for like a long term commitment I hours ago. I prince Paris and she too was Bay Area nervous that the shelter and great things about our first street is they have. A lot of really incredible Foster family is here one of them all right I. Me oh my god it's so rewarding. I love so much I'm currently. And fostering a pot be whose owner is. Not able to take care of her right now and I like picnic to get my Alex right but then my husband won't get mad at because I've taken in the law it's like leasing a car for you yeah. Yeah now we now we sit printed off you for not ready for permanent pet come take a test drive in her Carl Hagelin. I think he it's good for people whose kids say I want I want out it's like OK let's see how well. You can handle the car like cats right delegates if you bring an indoor cat to like it completely that's like taking it in indoor cat to another planet right and they're just like. Depends on the cat let your dog though like dogs like you going to other people's houses right dead dogs typically. Tackle me a lot better than cats in the way that I kind of like to think about is that. People own dogs cats own people crying and so you put a cap in place that there may be not used to it set its own way huge culture shock dogs are just. Loving dopey do feel guys all right we have shy timid guys like this that come into our shelter think what's cool about both of them is. No one came in ten years old had a really bad teeth we were able to provide medical expenses and take care of that issue in the opener in Foster. They have another one that's three months old shy timid and because she was so young and so scared we are able to put her in Foster. And it goes to show the variety of animals Reagan have totally people think the whole shelters full of pit bulls and swallows and they're all. Older or middle aged dogs know we have everything from small puppies like this Manchester terrier mix all the way up to older senior dogs. Like this stock which is a dear chew while I Terry eerie thing you're adorable whose ten instills you know. Cho looking at you tip you have. I got everything you buy. Exactly a video of prints ads like. And am ready for my next postured around and I am very glad that like we had to Chicago so it wasn't in a position where I could fossil and rape and and I'm glad that I didn't because she would dot farewell in my house. Because she might not allowed knowing is she's pretty mellow and refers it reveals the mound and my four year old. Is an. Well and in the and it's a really good topic to bring up as you know most people come at a shelter and they don't know what type of dog they want and oftentimes they base it off of breed not the disposition of the animal food and so we're able to have all door sorts of breeds of dogs all act differently so we try to play some with the right family is all sponsors you might have a crazy household. He took home a young PD puppy and act rough and tumble with the code LA and it fosters like Cathy can take home shy timid because they have a calm quiet environment. It works for everyone. I Kevin Reagan opposed does some videos of our guests in years so hard on. People can see who has come to CSI. RD party aren't. And it already are is to Graham it and what a 65 what's the answer transfer from tree. Apps front street animals a crack. And what ten is the shelter opens. So we'll be open in front street which is 2127 front street from noon to five and will also be open at our pet co location which is 187 you are way. From 11 AM to 7 PM. And that's where these two babies will be all I know that we're not gonna be open their till seven because these pets are all gonna flights are such amazing animals so calm early there's going to be long lines that. I believe front street is the most magical place in Sacramento at least I'm okay. Ends three options it is so we always like to remind people although it's free it's not a drive through service we still make sure we're doing proper adoption counseling were still making sure that you're the right fit for an animal. And we wanna make sure that these are forever homes sell. Even if you're gonna come down for the freed options make sure you're ready. For a lifetime commitment of medical care and caring for these pets be clear the shelters event is tomorrow and such treat animal shelter in the pet co Ord in the in if you can get morgue one more time the a student. Is out front street animal's body thinks you're coming and we appreciated thanks for having the well stick by the end.