Close Calls

Tuesday, March 20th

Rayne shares how he dodged a bullet with his mother:


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1065 the end of. We still. Never you gaining any close calls 76610650. We can text does. At 73389. Here's the story I went up over to Reno to see my parents a few weekends ago. And I love my mom she's so great because again and she made some cookies or all grade and again and it mound and I'm lunchtime she's you what's of the either some leftovers in the fridge. There's macaroni and cheese players to watch she's like I got some potato soup if you wanna house above ten times so sweet and like you just have some odd American cheese in the Google watch that's hundred participants really good though I just made it the other night Madonna and guy it's fine. I had the Mac and cheese I had to do watch both fantastic of course of cork I pass on the updated soup and about to leave the next day in my mom says. You wanna take that potato soup with fuel. He's gonna see in the fridge I had some yesterday but like you'd just what a ticket it's in the Tupperware phenomenon Klein you know you can have it right to pump pump. Come to find out not 24 hours later my dad Tex Meehan says. Your mom came down with through poisoning early Monday morning she was violently ill awfully high she blames the potato soup she tried to give you glad you are under offer down YR old I was lying I mean it violently ill violently. Like a big. Ed Dugard in the emergency room dollar got us. But she's fine now everything's fine but the fact can you imagine you know if you had gotten sick she would never forgive herself all she had it and then if. I had a we would have both been. But I mean I can. She is the mother of a dig such good care yeah and play and then you know she bully. Indio or what if it was like in the ring and she knew she was gonna get sick of less. She passed on to somebody else which is why she kept going. Try the potato soup you know mom okay. Try that vetoed similar to win was the last time you had a close call you have some comments on your face to Kenny. Maybe I should've said like what was funny is close call you had or something because the we need to be made the deal. Casey said that she was almost peered bio marlin finished. On the comeback of all that's sad but he would not name. Well why don't she was all most spear right mango is very very sick for weeks she finally went to the emergency room when she got there her appendix ruptured okay aren't and. Did either kind of bomber Mia yeah. Here's a close call story so when I lived in New York City when I was in college I went out on a date with the girl so we. She was good. I. Do you think you did she. So we took the subway back to where we were supposed to be. But we got off at the wrong stop them where we work with literally the business district of Manhattan. Which closes down at 5 o'clock it's like the apocalypse are no taxis there are no people it's like nothing it's okay. What's his when we got off the subway we couldn't get back on the subway to take it two more stops down to get to the Staten Island ferry which of ordering him to go check the Mike. We're gonna do so I guess bold to hope that. So we started walking and we found one guy. Who had a car. Easy like totally normal normal person Asia's like we go in relics that out ferries like that direction he's like I'll just give you guys electors like nothing around here were like. Okay cool sense so we get the car she gets in the back I get the front. And he turns the car on. But doesn't move it and instead just starts talk in cost to the point where like. His is left hand is on the steering wheel and he is like totally like turning his body engaging both of us in conversation the conversation started to get. Weirder and weirder and weirder to the point where like. I am starting to worry that were gonna make it out of the situation because he seemed like the kind of guy. That wanted to like where our faces on his face or something like that like it was getting that. Level weird and the doors were all locked like we couldn't like. You know there was nothing we can do at that point this is where the close call comes in. Just. As he finally puts the car into reverse to take us to god knows where I absolutely was not the Staten Island ferry we get hit. By car. No way they weren't hard I have and there were no. Ours the whole time and Marcia Clark for like twenty minutes in silence listening to this guy who seemed totally normal before we got his Clark at its travel less download the golden brick road to looney land okay. And then just this he moved at what age a car they came out of nowhere the first car we see. Hits his car to the poor he can't drive it anymore and now there somebody else and in my words is gonna walk their own mine Josh close call. And then the girl. Say. It but up.