Connor Stolen Image

Tuesday, August 7th

Gavin finds out that a picture of his son Connor was stolen by an instagram account.

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The wake up hole. 165 PM DeVon it a little bit of a predicament this morning he doesn't really know what to do about this situation involving his son involving Conner yeah. It does. And I need you guys to weigh in on this okay. Billion text and obviously the 73389. So some listener sent me a screen capture saying. Is this your son. And it she turn out. It absolutely was my son if you text in the word sun SOM. To 73389. You will be taken to oppose that I put up which is the screen capture that was sent to me from a website called. It looks like it it's sort of like am I to catch press the shutter I need to see and is what it seemed so. Whatever it is I'm pissed that I'm super pissed at them. Some guy used eight picture of my son when he was three years old and put it. His picture in an invitation for like a Spider-Man party. Instead come to Sebastien party emblem above all a block. And it's an ad getting you to try to buy these Spider-Man invitations. To my son yeah that's my Connor right there are the Britons like did you. Operation that's like nope absolutely did not give permission to this. So I posted that basically on thing like the ETF that's my kid like I even know what to do here right in our listeners. Are very territorial about. There are currently 84 comments on the picture. All of them tagging the person who did this and the company's exhibit and then that person reached out to me DM me your comments to grant. A lot and said I'm so sorry that I used your son's picture I'll take it down and I wrote back and I said how did you get my son's picture. And then they wrote back. Have you ever uploaded it to actually I said yes and they go that it might go. Give you actually use. Think no well that's an explanation. You're responsible and saw this stupid website exhibit here but responsible for this so time goes by then listeners. For some reason keep piling on this guy while I might be a girl I don't even now okay. And then this person contact me again. And says. Ironically. Can you take your post down. Because they're getting beat out because there again beat up like crazy on this vivid still has not reached out to me despite being tagged in all this. OK so a couple of different things first the ball. You definitely have grounds. For her at some sort of the lawsuit or litigation but how Astaro but the photographer. So the actual Percy and Brooke I took that photo of Conner got a guest star Derrick as they take. And secondly that all the rights okay that's actually an Brad I guess is a friend of ours second Connors a minor gaffe so they used the picture of a minor without permission from parents that's another issue with that they'll lawsuit that you can bring up itself. There are two pending issues here I mean in this the first time you've seen this is an what does this picture of Connor with this graphic on there on has broad. Ian 101000 dollars for that company well good point is you are entitled to that because you had a short son and she took that picture that's not our. That's not Howard and somebody did comment on their be like anything you upload to FaceBook has become public domain are not sure go right to know so not true he make money off of somebody else's image and not give them. The person they yeah I need to you know it's not just Don did it the the thing about Nazi wow so. The other reason I think you need to I can do something about this. There are ton of invitations. With kid's pictures on. All on this one person asks why apple. Did she. Here she'd probably. Ends without permission right of all these can all these kids there's parents there's ton on your blood. If they asked you to take it down. Right leg audacity. To. They didn't take out this person didn't take it down on their LT count they took the picture up of the first thing yeah. It's still uses all Spiderman imitation but that's good job aren't listener yeah. It's either gray. Thank you very much just the you know though. This is not a class action lawsuits hello son he might all the help you gave me an answer Graham if I get me money permits you don't get a cut. I do though right. Sure I know you wake up call.