Cosmos & Condors

Friday, February 16th

Katie is having her "Cosmos and Contour" event but Gavin has a better idea for his own event, hear Gavin talk about the "Cosmo and Condors"


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Wake up call 16 I see and getting Canadian rained here earlier you're talking about a but what does he can't contours and corvettes. It's called 'cause those and contours that how the Bolivar and we're doing specialty. Mode and then it got pros teaching us how to like. Contour it's gonna bet I'm putting not free is brainchild. And finally some split into more current my god don't we are without a normal week and this. So goes down everybody. Range something super bitchy Decatur and and then he'd be immediately shoot the meal look to make sure that I match. Laughing I'm gonna bite him recalled should look it may get in trouble. Kitten travel on I'm glad it was I integrate event and I hope everybody goes we are actually gonna do a similar bent that. Though we. We started yeah yeah it's called. All of you don't get me it's called cosmos and come doors. It's going to be doubtful bolivars. There you go on Digg I got my Berg's dot com you can buy it again you'd get a cool bonds heard drink cosmos is. And just. Yeah. And. And that's Allen got to Wear that big. Big leather and lo. And it's great and ugly why I'm very dangerous and. I know we have some albums I can every year. Three in the main event. A mom. A baby and the third one that we just found somewhere and then a cab to from captivity. No wonder why don't you don't get to know which one of which. Okay it name tags did they do not Wear name tag you doing a cup and on the door and everything got doesn't let them. Oh that's just to get drunk right. Don't let that it does why are you doing Cosmo look contours what we're doing mate gab and god knows the word we're doing. Condors rightward birds are so I'll tell us if you like most more obvious what bars. And if you wind judge tickets to Katie demand which all right gulf war. Of all they cheated got a hundred. Man. B I'll I don't remember Donna we're about to find out. You know if you go to go to get my perch dot com and sort of eased to 733 now you can buy a ticket to both events for half the price. And that's yet to. We're working on it right and I mean bringing home on our entire sales department really. I yeah Oliver from house to Bolivar. And I'll. How they don't know. I'm Michelle from the Sacramento. I you can takes faces 733890. What you detect if they want tickets to. It cause those in condors amend our text in. I'm very creative ninth it's really this about. The wake up call and here's what's next.