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Thursday, October 12th

The Wake Up discuss their thoughts on sharing a birthday with a significant other

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Thanks so anyone in the wake up call 177 today the fires in Napa Sonoma and you mckinny's have been devastating tens of thousands of acres have been burned thousands have been evacuated even some lives have been lost. If you'd like to help. You can text Red Cross no space all one word to nine at 0999. To make it ten dollar donation to launch trade you some updating information later on this morning in the wake of golf. What's next hello wake up call. Oh boy yeah. All fell a couple of boss didn't born in the same hospital. On the same day. Got married to each other 27 years later. Single year this same year and the same years ago so is wonder what it's like to be in a relationship with someone that has the same birthday as you didn't call wake up call right now. 7661065. We can text us and 73389. This fast or people that have the same birthday you don't have to bed same birthday figures and hot not enough. Listen I'm supportive of the union between Jessica and Erin. I hope they have a very long and happy marriage and make lots of beautiful baby a seriously however I hope it makes me think share a birthday with the person you're in a relationship with sound like that pits were. I think it dot. Yeah. It's. Avery your birthday every yeah it's not double birthday if anything the one thing the major birth they gray is not ball. I love like doing my husband's birthday. Sell I did the joy of doing that. Eight and a Wigginton doubled down I get the joy of having my own birth it's like a one day. A year. That is all about you. Where people are supposed to like say a special Ewing new happy birthday here's the cake here's the cup can I major this here's the president. Gold and now you don't stress out about going shopping when you should be just rest and on. And morals okay embrace and try to put yourself in the mind frame of mind their loving yet or Katie had based on what we're saying okay. Imagine you start Dayton a sweet sweet honey OK okay. And isn't this all talked saying. And then colon is your birthday and then she your birthday is march respects my current super close and say yeah but it and aren't. And she does the Bismarck son and an eagle. She. A days so that's a cube moment where you realize raid. Then you guys when you have your first birthdays together you'd probably like gold. They turn out and then when you have like other big bird they think when you turn forty. Yeah excuse tour really goal harmed because you're both turning forty C inside. I mean both 3040 we don't cop right. I guess it look at this as. One of the benefits of sharing a birthday with someone like that is. You need to remember it ever thank. As I am I'll handle it remembering birthdays and needs you again okay so let's applause your carrier grade on it that I can remember is that they are not yet. Jacqueline other comments that we put up on based on first Paul apparently this happens to an awful lot of our listeners it's weird another. Most of the people said that it's absolutely awesome late Eden said my boyfriend and I share birthday and we love it Christie has said my ex husband and I shared a birthday and even though I hate him we loved having the same birth. I'm and then some are like really interesting this one I think is adorable are Matt said. I am five hours and seven minutes older than my wife Tiffany we were both born at Sutter memorial on Sacramento on August 22 which is my. Husband's parents' day we spent our first few days in the same nursery to gather. Three years ago they got married on their bird. It's a okay our cry. I. A little baby and megs each other and then I might. Some day he'll be husband and lie to Ali about mirrored on the phone the morning wherein. I'd sell your husband and you and your husband have the same birthday. So where on an eight or it by ear at the art. Well. I think are my hat to edit that so. I. And here he told me I want a oh great hit Burt shot my birthday and I believe that we are at the Albert and celebrate on a big day out I don't want at any Smart easy. I. Really felt like it hurt. Our art thanks the end though. It got stolen that it until another today I'm really happy birthday and I'm older and I got it not I think it you know but that it together it. On court nominee at that restaurant that my aunt. And I are married but that it and they look at it like yeah I'm eager. Yeah don't realize tremendous on the and Helen Anita has been the other. I. Doubt that we and great Britain and that win I found out what it hurts I don't I believe that it would hold like I. I thought you only till he let me why I go back. I like and exchange diver like them. Maybe maybe do you like new by doubts story isn't quite as cute of you thought of one person assumed the other presidents talking about. He's what's next on the wake up call. 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