Crab Feed Winner

Tuesday, November 7th

Gavin went to the Lincoln Crab Feed over the weekend and won big at the raffle


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Ball one I think by India and some guys that are if you know this is a big winner in the room today big winner it to be a crab feed winner. And I'm willing king crab feed this weekend just. We go every twice a year we wanna see Aaron gathers one of February tell. I believe the lions club or the crab club I don't know why he. And clubs and animal cloning raises money on for charitable cause. Elite game we invited buyer friends who live there Ramona and remarried and so we go we'll love it we love it so much farm so we go and early super early this year. And it got more excited now. The thought you know once I apply my raffle tickets now before the rock. Should we just knew what are now I guess I just tried strategy for Florida. He wanted to win. Right I give my biggest I've come back to the table states he's rolling your ball lies well as I have all the tickets are well lie ahead of time now. Yeah OK but wait for the younger people they're buying this forty year yet polite and AM our crowd. It'll be here out everybody told the crowd it's a lot and it's very yeah also give you spaghetti. Know why they did doesn't go that didn't. Crap I know the one crab feed an adventure legend is that Danny first group doesn't Maggette feed him. And let me solo run and yeah. Yes and again he's hitting half. Have a dialogue okay gigs he. My guess is that there are even beginning this crowd has. The order of the hard the teller like rabbit who didn't. And are so that. So Tom now ample time. The first yelling everybody has the first three numbers I look at our first remember is not coming up at all for like the first ten. Are so baskets. And sit there and violence over the one you got the idea of why you did kids did more before I thought that I was they did this is rigged. Big kid big key allies hit the nail on the head Stacy goes and you can't finally I'm. We want to bats get into a blind meat and cheese bad. So good now planned for the grand prize for the raffle baskets at the grand prize. Some sort of awesome grill. Is char broil but so what does not Webber again it anyway it's maturity. At. The gorilla joke. I don't even a little clip anyway. It's like employer. Yeah it's it's not breathing brilliant and tell all the brand like Webber's life. The top top shelf OK and just I got dobbs now I dad just tells him you wanted to huh. Did. And I want that show. When you and when Tim mead she even lined basket now I'm doll also this is the oldest thing you'll ever hear me that. But there are the lovely Christmas time. And I want that one friend and disagreed apart was beaten she. I incentive. You hate but the meat and she I Trey did for the Christmas basket. Wow yeah that yeah. So well I'll tell you the reason why. There was the bird house and it and I alliance are now that O'Neill and those are a lot buddy I. Easily he had girl a little old lady of gays and how old go back to the funny though okay well I brought the meat cheese wine basket over to the guys who were on the Christmas basket. I go I have a basket would meet she's the line. You have a Basque air I said would you like to trade and the guy looked at his bass you know it now I want to cut and our target and they claimed a man's victory and they went back to zero. I bet you eat. And storage is pizza or not he's of them hot glue or. I'm. Being a bigger winner than every one because don't know. Grill yeah. Okay and the other basket. And get out of it twice does not all I want Hogan on the ground. Can't spread guerrillas what you're saying it's kind of an off a brand grill broil the asking a big. Grilled you already having your house Yemen into a now on. And do you know that grow yes you. This girl that sitting in your garage because you don't of the lane and keep backyard shinseki actually use their right now that is correct. She's been on that ground I do with a birthday present I don't know how. Like 400 box okay so are you gonna put does new grilled next year old grilled for down there on a girl they. That is currently what's going on. I don't it's actually could have real concern is gonna hold on usually given. I'll deviate fifteen raffle ticket. I don't think.