Dear Abbey About Katie

Friday, January 12th

The Wake Up Call talk about a "Dear Abbey" that relates to Katie so much: 


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Kitty Bennett dear Abby. Oh. It. Well tell me about doubly bad dog Abby around the arrow you raids and questioned that people want to ask your app. Some are alike no matter and then some of them artist's old. Are the only person ever how are you still alive. Not. What is the secret immortality now I. But yeah this is my favorite I wanna to. Read few guys and basically what she's trying to find out is she being petty in the wave of this is the campaign. Did app. Hey and tap class lessons for the last five years. In the class adults with a broad range of age and experience that we put on a couple of shows and recitals a year spot. I haven't issue with the balance dude didn't and it bothers me to the point I'm thinking of dropping out the pro and that Margaret. She. Hang out. She had little sub extra floor she is head snaps. Jumps and kicks and our and the choreography. Asleep but. It's like last then happen at that point. That I've spoken to our instructor. Twice about it. Is worse hair I just don't wanna be staged by this woman's antics. Fault her for her stage presence. Do you have trouble with her over the top Niemi. And Eddie sign up. Broadway baby intact. Wow yeah found. Yet. Can I be honest. I mean that's cloning that is funny when you first started reading this I thought. Probably be in Texas kind of found bats on border complain to keep you would have about somebody. And then as I found out more about Marguerite. I started thinking that might beat you heard tapes I know which one of these is your future. Offended. And it all sounds great. I will tell you why it. If you believe that you would ever think I know letter writer and yeah. Marguerite and innocent Mary well I can there been times to Paul's reign didn't Wear. We get a new girl in its building you better explain here and explain to our right way we let him. He's gonna make it sound like I'm a mean girl doesn't like other girls and that's not the case go hat dam and Owen. And. Sometimes. This new girl. Has got at all and she's got looks. Charm. She might as well floater around the hallways. But. Normally that doesn't bother Katie however if this is the ban diagram a man man. The truth circle. Started overlap. That bitch better Lott's job but 'cause there's only well and funny girl in this building right and ended KV and what they better not mug shamelessly. For the crowd but good. Job right. I like loud funny girls the girl building that I intended Jill. Slice. Sometimes ugly you guys. Are not Fannie. I think they are rein things they are. There any attack ads relevant there aren't that funny. There are generally not very good what they deal. People can you explain why these still worked here. But he. There. And yeah you sound migrate our. Expense on little like a baby game and yeah. See you rather be Marguerite I'll probably be. And Marguerite on the little obnoxious Tinto. Marguerite is probably lending her fullest best life regardless of who gets in the leg. And secretly trying his party she can't and that class and can't compete with. Broadway baby in Texas. Who margaritas trying to pars yeah. Lesson that all their body of a local community center and they all have an enjoyable experience. Area is supposed to bring out. Her tell. You match brother AD did Texas I do think now know I know not enough. I've never been more sure that we're getting a glimpse of your future and right now is that when. Sunday beat taking did tap class probably. Adjacent to K local library Alia says. I'm already out for reception and right it's Q do you think libraries and still be around right away. A line. T shirt where that picture of a sexy lady in the big TV on it but no heads up my head examined not. And we call ourselves the hot flashes. You GD right. But I will ever let on Broadway tax is they need try to bring him Meade. Just like Marguerite. Yeah. Locker ain't. I can I've never had this performed by I hope that I'm not around when that happened fast I'll look at the good news I'm never gonna get away from you spend a lot of. 16.