Dear WUC: Baby Shower

Thursday, November 2nd

The Wake Up call discuss a letter they received about listener who has a plan and pay for a baby shower


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Michael was sure right now 7661065. If you were throwing the baby shower. And the mom to be he has some of over the top expensive requests. Is it OK to ask the mom to help cover the expenses. 766. What a 65 we get a dear wake up call gave. OK so he says. Your wake up call. I want to girls hosting the baby shower for our sorority sister as soon as there was a date set for the shower the mom to beat. So it's sending both posts. Elaine saw all the things that she wanted to which included hadn't. To rend tables chairs table clogs stem ware silverware large floral arrangements for each table. Napkin rings up a mobile bar a linked to a bar tending his service as well also link. Four and wait staff. Are we allowed to ask the mom the papers and these things that she really wants them or can we saved Karl this is the and the budget. My god why hours. Intends elaborate could be so if the baby shower it seems so rude to even ask. Almost anything. Of the people that are throwing. Any kind of show our free. Someone has to be an adult in the room someone has is that it'd be like this is ridiculous he guided simmer down. I think that's hard when it's a bridal shower baby shower though because one. You are so conditioned to be like this is Gerard hey you. You guys just real a year the princess today and tell all about you know how would they re going to be and they got a low. Four in row is common now. This is kind of scenes. Super over the top because now if the but mom to be doesn't get everything she wants to see just gonna complain about it all of her friends on how well it was good but they didn't to have this damn aware then the tables and chairs that I five. I'll tell you what if somebody and post your baby shower or bridal shower. If that person complains. About a single thing I mean you're allowed to lose your mind and am always on your morning Emily. So you've posted baby showers right what do you think this says sorority sister that Serb planning this is a baby shower. Think it very desperate act like I did Eddie are part. And I. Edberg and act on that it like it battle the eight hour. Ready. It was a bridal shower that it's too. It doesn't really my next question nineties is something that's common for bridal showers because I know that's probably a little afraid to wait staff. Crazy. If you're setting up a mini restaurants. That's too much great that yeah but at staff has to be hired for it here at trump your card that she can't come. Down at if you are paid for yourself. 7661065. If you gonna chime in gay wouldn't wanna say. I can't believe that girl she had I'll. Apparently it you never asked anybody. To do something won't. Actually they're taking their time to just a nice 30. She she. Pork thought because. Yeah as duke question Jay actually no I well as Katie this tale. Why do women want to do this. Buckeyes. Occurred at so many people complain about throwing so many bridal and baby showers but. But. They get offended if they're not asked to throw something. I. I treacherous and crazy. Today I say you want to do reds. Because. You love about her sending and you don't want to do something special for them you want them to have a special experience. There are lots of reasons why these light up like throwing these things can sack. I have nothing to do with the bride to be you're the mom to be it can have a lot to do with. Nobody r.'s key piece or the people that said that they would bring. You know a certain dish or whatever fellow Indiana still headache. The headache but it EU do you let that persons are you willing to Galati you're ready for that person who. Baby shower the dock and then you didn't show up for I think hospital. Having a year ruptured ovarian zest. She was mayor for Rihanna texted 7339. I just posted a shower for my friend. In had to cover games prizes in decorations in spent a lot of money out of pocket. The mom paid for the food but didn't she showed up would just potato salad in tortilla chips I don't know. About that is they. You wake up call.