Dear WUC: Daughter Named for Spite

Friday, April 1st

She just found out that her husband chose their daughter’s name out of spite!!! Should she be upset? Or is this not that big of a deal? Listen and decide for yourself…

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Yeah I barely got colored guy and she's like like I have no idea what to do about this stairway got golf I'm pretty sure my three year old daughter was used. As a tool of revenge. For a tool to be spiteful. When I mean my husband were deciding on me with my husband suggested Lana I like it was different and that's what we named our daughter. Well I just found out that if my husband's ex wife had had her way there are six year old daughter Aubrey. Would've been named after her grandmother. Grandma Lana the reason they chose to eventually well Marbury is this he told her I hate that name he's on. It's obvious to me what happened here he picked our daughter's name because he knew would (%expletive) off Zacks. I have no idea what to do it says I mean who does that more. Are number is 7661079. Is this a divorce a bull thing. No I think this shows scoop really serious issue at this. Eight that. This guy is a very very much not over his last relationship or he certainly wasn't when we are naming her daughter thing is so a lot of columns by eight. Then I find a little frightening. Why can't hang condescending I'll let. Did she or we only available on let me let me just say something to back she touched on it till the third divorce. Case they can't Cain it's understandable that there's a little bitterness that still lingers in the air okay I'm in green maybe a little bitterness. Is holed mad at another reliable backup you and I disagree and I I think people put too much stock. In two names and worth of names. Oh. Cares. What he cares let's she shouldn't and that's insane if she was in this room right now I'd say. I think you're overreacting. To this a little bit into it comes down to just be a coincidence. Then yes. We'll hang on though I mean if if he's the one hour re really think he was the one that suggested the name it was only issue that came on and you know I love this white more than the last one I'll go with her suggestion when I named travels around me. She says he brought it up. Which means it the rest is all true he didn't like it previously and there's there's there's so me and she is that the name just grow grow on him or he hated that green and my marriage so we didn't want and make. But but. Is that he need to miss kid because it would (%expletive) off his ex wife. And it's not just a coincidence and not give Maine that grew on them there's something jacked up the stack. Jessica good morning. I'm Jessica of this is you when you hear this it's like holes like what do you think would you dear how would you feel balance. I feel like naming your child is that that they yell like that they're gonna have obviously irked at Kirk. And though can make that he yet so much. Like being hurt or whatever act they actually go at art yeah aiming his trial that I. I I think I'd hit it ain't merry it. RCU I you know not. It's they gave the little girl the name of trash can went so why does the name check it out down so we just texted a 7339. Don't forget. Lana is now the first wives daughters. Sister. She'll be in her life forever so this con this memory how she's just find out of his. I mean how would you how I don't I don't need or how she found out about it like that's kind of the thing where this came from the ex wife. I would seriously. Doubt the story to be like as malicious as you want it to be okay have a what do you think about the sky and it turns out he did do it to (%expletive) off PX I mean there's part of me that would. Think like it's kind of funny and well. Well yeah there's idol I mean I would say like what ever like who cares like really. I would feel like dude get over it a little bit but I understand though that when you're divorced displeasure security guy. They got scoring in eight annexed it in and have marriage guys seem to have a hard time getting over divorce is nice to include your neck skin and then that it doesn't and expect the girl at the other night that the little girl in this latest. Wanna talk to amber and I never heard some like this happening before re saying not only did it happen but how. Happened to you. Yeah and the product of it my data is at what I she that I want to have kids. But when they did talk about leading into like they amber I literally got hit the black shirt and not let my mom and when they had me he named Lee Amber's. To (%expletive) her offer just as he may eventually liked it. And I'd like constructively else was doing that it was Ellis. The Hrbaty or at home. They made ready barely make someone's baby name only no I agree with that but you can't spite someone that they need and I think that there's something kind of funny about that and I don't think that as long as the all girl gets to live a normal life whether normal may moved. Ares I am not an amber is an effort out of me and I think it's like but how sad is it for the ex wife who couldn't have kids who has dreamt of having a little Ewing couldn't is laid out this. I did there all mushy and she wants do as she can still have a little amber this that's why can still have another look a lot. I face as he couldn't have kids does you want and you wanna have kids who want I'll let you forget that I did that then that. That guy would be a monster.