Thursday, May 18th

One of our listeners has a mom who refers to things in the greatest ways, she almost gets them right but they are alway just perfectly off. Listen to the Wake Up Call go through some "Dianaisms"...


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All. And a big idea. Sensation isn't it still. And I am talking to this older less than she had to be made upper upper sixties and I was leaning against a bar stool. And she goes why are you standing idle not standing I'm leaning against the bar stool. And she goes not. Hang in a bun and I was like I've never heard that phrase before hang in a bind. Nice for your leaning on something only one cheeks on I getting your hang in a bind an invite Dan and I brought this up to you and you said oh. This is what we've talked about the past where. Give an old person your life where there's apparent Graham parent whatever. Who says some thing is that their own terminology and you have to discern if you were decipher what that means I told you can just flat out and you have at Andrea on the bun lately you have no idea I. The latter but in that context so one of our listeners moms yeah says it has our own language pretty much. Say your last name just say just say her first they embody her name is Melanie anybody who wants to check these out for themselves. She told me she's like I'd love and mr. Graham plugs over in Iran is Mel underscored towel on the 1024. Because follow her she's hilarious and her mom comes up with a different. Terminology for different things up. Accidental government on purpose just trying to bedroom language used Jesse strong know what things are called but you come so close and they're so funny. And her mom's name is Diana and she called these Diana isn't that great so we're gonna Katie registry gets a bizarre I get a really easy some are really hard and play OK and if you like this. As were doing this text 73389. Because I swear to god there are not that these that we can do this every week and am trying to guess what these are actually mean Diana isms. Serena Gomez. Selena. Gomez Alan these days I got a guy elephant costs. Kelvin Thompson nationally you can kind. Say no more in quotes as the song title saying no more seeing my name ClaimID. I resisted that translations. Of the month translation are alone hard love. Problem. Police show what about air. Becky was back there and I believe. One big thing man this thing is he's it would. Who got a double radar. Dump not anger ya again snatch that. Snapped yeah. It's better than your dogs and put again the act at the he had bad guy and time popped. I'm not I'm not like I guarantee he'll always sends these things wrong yeah. Close to knowing what things. My unknown but I mop with a bang well the this girl Melanie. Mom Diana seems very hip but she just misses spoke just a little leather cell this is an expression she thinks it's we left off we never picked out. We. And we knew we let I don't know like. Pick every leapt out of that government expression we picked up where we left off. Diana says we lived all we never pick out against Sarah. Mark zucker man. Yeah I thought we could Zuckerberg transaction. I am on big lie little lie. A OK up. I know you all tell you are more Diana dozens from our listener Melanie. Haters beaten they've been getting now. Economy. Hermione might. Herman here on god hover over. Cover cover up. No cover home over a couple some guy got him for the moment while we don't cover that guy hasn't ever over. Contact. This is the TV show that unless you know all this guy and you're good enough. As time. My coach look yeah. It's repaired also going to be inching Chela. Great so this is exactly the name of love what's all ate fish but that's not the bases on. What she calls this British IE IE. Am so I don't know Mohammadi. And you need a guy should go on the copy here's what you were okay you want it. I'm Rosemary is. Little earlier you know rose Mary's either say some all hope she does she might as she had to do a bunch of rose Mary's. You need no. I. Last night and why do as well yeah yeah. Yeah. Well. They're they're not to be like these are Marlins their Melanie. This is very popular. On TV personality. That she just calls you owed it should. She called her yell at a cost per year who had to help. 000. Is it what's three with Kathie Lee Gifford got hodac's how. Five feet.