Dianaisms 1-2-18

Tuesday, January 2nd

One of our listeners has a mom who refers to things in the greatest ways, she almost gets them right but they are alway just perfectly off. Listen to the Wake Up Call go through some "Dianaisms":

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65 the end we're holiday in degree him you can follow said Gavin wake up call Katie wake up call. Green are you why any wakeup call we legged on its agreement we like follow and people like reading other people's posts. But Gavin has a great line that he brought to our attention what started from a listener named Melanie who's been with us first since the very beginning and I. And I lover so matter of personal loan. We are picks that Melanie but and start with her posting her own. Where she would just make I'm in mr. Graham posed of buddy stop that her mom said that it's not like gun. Like that just expressions are motto as it was she thinks she is talking about one thing but does not know what it's actually call right and it's great and her mom's name is Diana. She called them Diana exams and because we've talked about them on the show before. She has started her own against a grand. Patent it is and you can go and follow it right now on its program. Dynamic isms is battle while I'm gonna give you guys a couple more okay all right C beaten guess what Diana is talking about that. Commie com com a content right. 800 none on and off balance and Rubin and Communists. The legend ever meaning yes how about fiddles banners they did better. All the. DV DDB. Yeah no hot out. TV dvd. TV HDT. Agency and you know. Fenner Bob Burke. Vendor I am better than not she's always so close bio progress so insurance. Let's get into Iraq gets the sounds yeah JJ cold today. I. Proud LL cool. LL cool and that's. Steve your dog. If somebody at the save your dog. Howell any sudden service dot. OK on the download it. Cash apps I thought. We did do that back in early nineties seems to be on the download low light out on the down low that's great. A little bit of an old line but dammit demon. And Iraq jump so it's Saturday. Jolo helps so so low and slow ride out. Incredible. And low rider. It's slow right lower. And then marry young children and very odd GB and I didn't met finger ticket this ticket came. Her fingers again okay. OK where's the no animals more I'm Tom talks. All I guess they forgot how to ride a bike. And the expression they've heard they forgot how to ride a bike it's like it's like you know I had read about it like writing okay yeah. Talk they face and I am yet that that. A war early early. Whirling did she know that's an egg beater well. That's good she told a were early barely allowed to pray. This where are your pinky. That. Their BRB. Play. They are not robbers they must feel like solving a bit. They've kind of thing and everything in its statement and then. When good why America. And yeah. I can't zero. The McCain you're no. McCain yeah. Plume. And Allan Bloom rent. He Tyler. Paulo. February Apollo love melodies mom Diana had just at Diana is in the audience program oh my god that the amazing.