Did Britney Rip off a Bollywood Song?

Wednesday, June 22nd

Jason believes Britney Spears ripped off a Bollywood song, listen in to hear if you agree or not...


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Wake up call 2107 and the Indians suffered for years I've been talking about how Britney Spears probably got on music from Bollywood right at the IMS practice so John this is likely cause these championed yeah Brittany spears in her music always seem vaguely familiar Negroponte house watched a lot of Bollywood. Now soundtracks and if there is a film they came out in 1980 Klein. Indian Indian. The song you're out here is called Terry a marry a beech mein. Composed by two people I really can't pronounce have been to every man. The ads at. That's how it goes right tell me that's does sound familiar to you this is the song from the movie. And beating me now that I know that's the good part I hang on here is of course the britney's on the. I mean we've all heard toxic. Does it sound a little similar TL yet it sounded similar to the psyches are playing so. Is there a lawsuit looks lying then I give credit. In a while admitting to anything admit how Lloyd Evan if Brittany had a re check to these people here yeah I hear the composers it's the second line they're like YouTube. Try to pronounce those names for me because I you I looked at it forever and I couldn't. Lockdown means scar. And the other one. SP. Got outlined on. While I assume Brohm mommy yum OK now that you analogous sixty letters everyday hi I you know it's good that will Bollywood. Is that what it is yes yes. Tennis yeah I know I think Bollywood movies though and they all under the same lake I declare they all and the same they all end with the dance numbers so that movie. There that that toxic as the original toxic was from yeah. We don't know what kind of movie it was. But it ended with a dance I'm Carville would just in there are clips of the film you could see where their music was using it takes breaks. BR I T short for Britney of course 2733898. To the video clip there's a chase scene. So I mean it makes more snow. Oh that's it sounds. Yummy if it's not it doesn't look good but it's I mean it's. Sure does came out before soc sec I'm 81 PNC's so I map that's in their being generated chase scene. But this intentioned man. Quit all this is where things get tense. I am ma'am. I. Since then senate and then you to this point where it's like that she seem begins. And then that's help help help I believe. I don't I am now where he's again I'm sorry that you off. How how do people get think they can get away with this anymore. I'm the there's number need this is liberty problem has Brady I imagine that Brady is kind of like the monkey that shows up on an organ grinder shoulder. Like it's the fun part of the show and show up to see the monkey on all the magic is with the organ grinder. It is they like and all these. Stars. All that and figures that we talked about having stolen something from somebody else. Ya bring you instill on you pretty here's cells right pretty good she gets music in front of our image is because here OK I take 78 right. Blood cell. Visit the birdies so the producers and the writers. How does anybody think they can get away with anything like that well more it was very old and I was looking into and I it's not that old it's it's 35 years side. There is no lawsuit. This is to watch somebody just did this apparently ready is they must wanna ruin Britney Spears musical credibility. Her there. I think that I think there's another novel a lot of I mean they may have done it here. Is it cleared she felt like if he only uses certain amount of December somebody else's song at spy in the it's an honor. Now it's I think it's just the it's a long time ago I mean there's no loss is this. Girl by. That's the older than that no laid out there are called very fairly revealing a hundred years or not to talk about parents although you gotta bear please David irony is he good to be funny because clearly it. As he bomb the moon shot mom. Real quick release him we're not talking my parents you get to refine his that was the best Bollywood picture he won. I.