Did You Know With Intern Kevin 1-17-18

Wednesday, January 17th

Intern Kevin shares some facts that he has found on the Internet in hopes listeners actually learn something new: 


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Call one of those six IBM's who. Did not die bill because an engine blew up it means you now live and act without. And yeah elegant looking gentleman Jim there is Ian tearing candy. This is not a great late to start op. Obama offering a blow up every week in certain Kevin comes in and shares his nuggets of knowledge would have precedent. Did you know the penalty for camel to cannibalism. In Idaho is up to fourteen years of prison unless you hate someone quote. Under extreme life threatening conditions as only apparent means of survival then you're okay. I mean doesn't that necessarily describe what it's like to live in Idaho. OK so can you. Hannibal. The person's soul line. Sure as long as you eat a person based so. Is this is it fourteen years first someone who eats. A person when they're alive bird gas. Adding to the person yeah sort of fade I bet you didn't tell. You have. Happened upon a dead body right. And your not in light threaten under extreme life threatening conditions as Syria and you just thought why I was gonna go for endless red bullets at Applebee's. But that guy looks tasty and free in any match play in fourteen years in prison. Haven't even with a Donner party are. Yes. They're the third party other than that Republicans in the democratic none and close or not. Not a lot of odd Tea Party Al Boston Tea Party now. Other daughter party try to make their way of this year Nevada mountains got stuck in like oh yeah it is an amount now and I heard about that nobody. They had and are runoff election up and I. Yeah. The first people to discover cannibalism that they're not the first people discover camel boys and they just. Pulling each other were infamy to survive yes there's a whole monument there'd Donner lake for the whole thing. They can't and if you had to force survived. One of the acts in which one would you eat and why mu arm action goals sales tax. He does. Gammon will look. His meat is the most and there are little. Older I'm pretty sure he's not perfectly seasoned. That's. Yeah not I mean you know when you have a good to me it's like you don't have to add any like hot ultimately it's so Disney will be that I itself yes why though why why would might be decent good guy your inner Chad Yankee air ball. All. Yeah and that's gonna do is meet. All the flavors like. I advise did you know it intern Kevin Gigi now the Starbucks not. CIA headquarters doesn't write people's names on the coffee cups to protect their identity. Testing dangerous things are different who each other the other CIA is odd. Are there. CIA is yes I think that not just anybody can gold to those are blacks that Fiat Seattle headquarters. Do you think they're talking about the Central Intelligence Agency or are they talking about the Culinary Institute of America question I think Central Intelligence Agency why would they need to hide their identity at a culinary institute of education I don't know why did you closure rise the think. Hey dad and don't just based. I day gather information and like big gather blackmail. From another country so I like how how we have this information on them it's a member on the Rihanna. Iowa Iowa kinda a guy I ST you don't concern Kevin did you know cows hate the sound of a cow bell it hurts their sensitive ears my god that's like king. They what they need. How. Can really are super allow non their nine. Hurt your hear the argument you know Kevin I. How do you mentally kings game. Wary. Now do you just took on the fund adamant Powell now kings game so. How we can help also that they don't leaves. Sure I know I. You confined to cow. They wander off in a field and you can find a way or maybe they Wear a cow bell because when they try to run away it rings and it hurts their sense of the year. I can't Donny and his ear yeah. I. I thought Kevin. Do you think that she's not going here we aren't safe place you're not you know they play. Do you think look at me as just between us do you think that Katie sensitive ears means that she's half cal vote. Don't know if he's and that I grass is not because see it that these don't fall in that and that one man. Hats scarves and not the right place yeah. That sounds like it's a put down decals. That they are not beautiful and they do not have curves in the right places sorry.