Did You Know With Intern Kevin 11-1-17

Wednesday, November 1st

Intern Kevin shares facts he has found on the internet, this week he's giving facts about the world record for breast milk and the word "Dilemma"


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Wake up call. 165 the end yeah. I jail. An intern candidates here in the morning injuring Kevin I'm writing a soccer match. He's just. Bright chipper ray of sunshine is being yeah up ice every every week he comes through with some amazing facts that he's found from the Internet. For his segment called did you know with intern Kevin what are go for us did you know of the world wrap care for the most brass not donated as 414. Gallons. A woman and Texas donated her brass smoke over a period of three years and set the record in 2014. Why. Matt is a woman producing two point six gallons of breast milk I did. Hey alma kind of fun on. Eight but this two point six and 128 ounces in any gal so what is that times to add debts to. Six. Hey. Hey that's and that's a lot I think. Hello skinny tell that she was a freaking right now you burn calories when you would did you elect every. That you burn calories when breast feeding. Yet have you and still I need to breast feed that I. Yes do we lose weight you'll do you. I really like how about this you've been doing Jim his life not how how many names debt to breastfeed have lied I think you should try to breastfeed her life I. I mean I'm down who's ready to suck. I thought you know I don't know how hot you compiled a bit now how much do you file the. That is you want until it sends you a lot of time now. You can you can get one through your ensuring yeah. If you go I in my I don't know if I alcohol MI. And Mayer brown the only one of my. Our senate. Like I'm school having OK I don't know I don't think you know he's a breast potter really gonna see you know and analyzing have been allowed to use. Yeah I MI you. Nick not Lou why is it possible that men can milk well there's a little while and I know I am ready to be signs of your spearmint experiment are I mean data and that yeah. All right come on you're gonna get so scared yeah I thought yeah. He and Tony did anyone though can you drink to match I'm Indiana. You. Yeah. Tides did you know danger and Canon did. You know the word dilemma a resident. Hang on the word dilemma originally met a choice between two tough options three options with the travel tree limb and now. Four options was that. Clincher could drill amount and someone why so a dilemma is few options. A trial. I alama try dilemma is three options a lot of lionized for option he sent his phone now why he's doing and they could drag it could renal market. And Arnott how well you could smell not so natural land not quadra alama yeah I can sing and if I repeat. Outside the US and all options. So you should she's brown and what were they went. Juju home my god last night food okay in my it has to either choose an app ball a bag and I stayed all our a cheese stick wow what a quadrant. Thank you want. A super high he has not unlike calorie you will be Lee's eyes nose and all. I modified apple IE and got a couple karma now how once a hole and melancholy about it and. You could pour think ballerina dad fourth thing is there are actually good for yelled. So your next three of them and added she sugar yeah I had my whole. Under my calorie have you ever had to choose between more than two women at a time on the time how many will say what what kind of my mom. I have with women love my let's see I'm an adult let a pencil in my office and then. Yeah. I thought I. God anymore and James. That Ashley. Not Trish. Hey liar. Around Montgomery and dad didn't. Wow. I didn't tell Maine all finally I went yeah. I do sleep worth honestly I don't feel any of them none of my kind of decide what was Ozzie just like you know what follows golf and yeah. I couldn't shoot double white snow though I was out. It has lead let my body to allow our rye and that is set and I think he did you know. Well you know. I'm having sex in five girls. I mean why not leave Madden that I mean they cut it turns but they were on time via insurance. Yeah her Selig thought yeah. No yeah.