Did You Know With Intern Kevin 11-8-17

Wednesday, November 8th

Intern Kevin shares some facts about the alphabet and reveals his magician name:


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65 the end yeah. I'm JO. And blew up. Had good morning injuring Kevin Garnett every guy. Is this being sued even think Evans seems dog and Kevin was not okay with that. I give us a mere fact today intern Kevin did you know the US Department of Defense buys the most. Explosive devices in the world who's remembered seeing you mouse I dead at six. It's a Walt Disney company because of all the fires they buy for their part. I'll tell if the department dust dust that the Department of Defense yeah. Orlando not a and I love them they're gonna Disneyland. I think they're different kinds of explosives. Right now do you think that in the end of like Santa has made it Disneyland instead of fireworks they should ignited new killer weapon. No let's not do that why not no war on drugs. How does play. That's a good point do you ever think of the words they are about to say very good. No I think about it they'll take too long to process satisfied just say whatever he does is saying the department under beds yes yeah. But in despair right. I. It. Hits did you know it intern Gannon did you know there's no copyright or patent protection on magic tricks every magician immense attract. Anyone's free to use that he just had to figure out how a dime. Sure it's magic you can't you can't patent pending magic. The Q could I thought that Blake who deem me when he would invent a box that he escaped from he would like. Did get a patent for that not everyone does announce which winds. Like five acts are America's Got Talent but that's halo. They all X gave to block that day in regular what are all stay at the box. And blizzard of your favorite magic tricks that I can deal are no I just think Jenna and all I like the cutting and how. How file select the swords and I also liked the quick teams where they changed like fifty different outfits and a matter like one minute yeah crazy. Am not so I'm stuck underground in the box XTP and make. If you are magician what was your magician named the rule I mean I'm serious sin mad and starts with magician. Fine he's really I stand it's got to be is that Tata all on all. Another basic ground it I'm a pull out of Playboy bunny. Oh I don't know woman yeah. And a little flop not back yeah. How you do that. Okay what she's three and address is sure of again I don't mind I'm sorry that's not high. Only your single that Tata. The force is women there Kubel liver and a half and they don't fought asserts a list of foods you know I it went good she. I'm magic trick. Tell Jason from up from a club Q my hat students stay needs from a what clubs you're gonna kidnap them through not different lobs tell partition magic borrowing in the why do you say she's there assistant. Oh yeah see Brian since they need Tata tea okay and hot these. God got. And dot PT. I I hate him. Seems like an interest and if you thought all this out and it did kind of sound like it in a month or so we're gonna hear. About some inappropriate behavior between the great the top topic just element to send a great autism at a rally point I laughed so when did you know then turn down and did she now the last latter attitude out lament was. Headache that's Obama ad what it will. You know and did. No yeah you would have thought it would be. I thought it was the end though I've read it's okay do you think they went and sequential order like you out why would they go AVC. Unless you wise the ax oh wait let's go back in the middle for. It's strange that they lightened today but we got a good Ab Derrek Lee. Hang back and take care to know app. And I and I NN I don't know much I have to call anybody Amtrak I I yeah hold my god. Move why couldn't go after Z. I don't think. I do this. Go wire not. A big create their who do you think that was adults there's agreed that I've got stuck. The wake up call and.