Did You Know With Intern Kevin 12-6-17

Wednesday, December 6th

Kevin comes in to share some facts he found on the web about Spider-man and Sharks:


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65 the end. Thai jail beat. New engine blew up did the yeah. Concerned does your morning intern Kevin I mean. Spent a good chunk of the morning trying to find these facts for you for did you know with intern Kevin what do you got. Did you know Standley put a hyphen in the name Spiderman because he didn't want people confusing him with Superman. Can I tell you I've always hated that Haifa and why I just hate it. I need never liked it I think a look stupid I think I I always forget it I write about her or tight fit eating people would have been confused. I spider mean them. Gathered to close there are. Feel letters lost. Everything I can this really the word just looks the same. As they nothing characters they're characters are totally different ones DCM ones marveled at eighty Akamai JD power. I think Katie well haven't worrying us indestructible unless you get Kryptonite on them right well. The other ones well other differences. He's from Krypton spider man's from Tom. That's New Jersey earth the Bronx that frames the Bronx you have networks are the daily deal golf's Superman works for the daily planet could very similar web Mary different. You over there. Newspaper writers once the cameraman ones I am now a writer a writer. They also have similar cost him colors to red blue and some yellow. Did did he may bode. The. Now Stanley is Marmol all of this white area word cabins pretty knowledgeable I think Kevin really doesn't know a lot but he knows a ton about this don't forget also spider man's kid. Ali asked fireman of the kid let's vitamins real name pizza pock and it's right on why can't. X I like I can't talk elect that OK I'm playing that's ten times that what Superman Clark. Client caught. Clark. Clark Kent and I gave you some advice don't get so excited when you talk and there's not being exactly. I don't like he'd leave the day as some Woodruff and it's like your mouth has drunk feet legs. You know I don't I have a big time and again and let soul on everything they'd just merge is in this sound muffled I variety at. We got only covered now we know high ticked that off the list it's did you know within certain Kevin did you now Sox are ordered and streams sharks have been around about 400 million years trees have only been around 350. Million years. And I. IA now. Well. I think finally fat you are saying my facts are false. Just assume you got it wrong somehow now what does or Z depending on what kind arm of ours are carnivores don't scare burglars are revising plant. Ministry is and in Plano. We have an Arab plan that may not have been trees mature plants bring hope that seems crazy because there were along nag dinosaurs like. Aggregates is limited to do it then don't we hear affirm what they need to too far to reach the top. South leaves of the not trio. I know. Yeah laughs when did you know then turn Canon did you now only five US presidents have had Beers. West. Beards beards Greg Abraham Lincoln US US. Asked grant to. Rep or B Hayes I James Garfield and Benjamin Harrison. It's not like you think that a naval ship was our president want to smash hit you you let us grant. Cloudy thing you leaves you only see you I believe US Latin name their son USC's. I'll mom pop grip now it's only a Greek god doesn't that. You that you looked all right again. It's your favorite president. Abraham Lincoln Tunnel lies. And George why he's encouraging then no it's not you know. Abraham Lincoln cannot tell a lie and he also abolish slavery he did abolish slavery that's correct and one of them held lie. But no that was so I don't want to put the what it tees the dollar plus rising ten and a half each hour on the cherry tree although they did call honest Abe. Certain age that's true Alan Brill close so which one was it then the honesty or the ending slavery and I can report the beard. I ending slavery. Is here that's what you like in the mouths OK Kevin answered that question and looked me in the eyes as if like I am in mailing this one. The bolts they what's the date Gavin. Yeah I don't know all day here's a beard. I can barely grow I'm a hair all the thought what I meant I'll.