Did You Know with Intern Kevin 4-12-16

Tuesday, April 12th

Did you know that President Abraham Lincoln used to own a bar? Well, Intern Kevin did and he will tell us all about it and other facts during this week’s “Did You Know with Intern Kevin”…

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It's back inside jail because you know engine blew up. Good morning interns Kevin. Minor and there with his facts I love I love this segments did you know with the intern Kevin what do you got for us today. Did you know not only president who was like a license bartender was Abraham Lincoln before he became a lawyer he co owned a bar and Illinois and it was caught Barry Italy again and it costs seven dollars for a liquor license so as for social knowing so when you think Perry did. Barry you know the guys on the bar where. I'll. I think he was his attorney. It would be great if Barry kept it open the open had like a big sign like used up all in this with the president. Hello ever. Now is it you're running for president you most used to own a bar would your body buried yeah. The stories that would come a really good they are now Leonard and it's gonna sit com and yeah. I don't think it is like you now after the assassination people were lied is a great place to drink here and Barry Lincoln online shots and was accused. All too true and I'm Ali. Mag is seven dollars for a liquor license hi Danielle can expand saddleback both think about it in comparison to today when. Shocked they need a life and that wasn't just a thought that tell you just have John slipped three X. Did you build a building you were allowed deserves whatever you want to build you park your animal out front like kikwit itself sex trying to build legally that. They live like sterner bite of the alleged can't put somebody just like Britain and ought to be the market but it got what. Except if it's the liquor license for the business costs seven dollars intern Kevin how much was like the cover charge in the busy nights at least how much was a cover. Now it's a liquor license cost seven and it had to be like he does some fresh dirt but better be something there couldn't be worth anything. Heaven and he hugged your own bar what would you name and don't think heavens now that's basic right Allah Colin. Barr believes and stuff. No I'm OK there's champagne. And I. All right yeah I does make his. Back you know they entailed emotionally and we did did you now with intern Kevin. Did he now heads literally anyways. I need to make money. It costs twelve and a half cents to produce a hundred dollar bill it's literally leave. What did you lose. I said as Lily a ways so I know you are the first part yeah that is the first part why you sing I mean I think I miss typed it. I think it's the buzz is say it's a waste some money into the like Ron Burgundy if it's on the teleprompter. All right so hang and so it's a waste of money my do you live now money. Explain 'cause it cost twelve and a half cents to reduce our hundred dollar bill so that it is a processing cost of a hundred dollar bill. So we make a 10000 dollar bills into why and what does that diets twelve. And dean. So perhaps there is never really thought of it like that idea of course it makes sense. Weird. Somebody has to do to the comedian you can think of it comes to me like yeah. They had let me if they don't. Basis of the you think about what we know we've had for gas but to me give did was give you money you don't get charged a fee for it right. It's it's not like it hasn't come from somewhere near perfect sense ever thought that sent literally like a money doesn't grow on trees though like they mean the actual money money at the cost of money but every. That's maybe tries to cost something I get used to thinking you're in my head I'll I'll never be there. I can see how he never thought I'm sure that's. Sing like I didn't think that the paper and fortune cookies cost and then I will say that I never thought about that one leg I thought. Yeah well I didn't know. That doesn't. Coach. Can you patent forum would widgets. I mean. Well thank you for that thank you for problem. I feel like we learned very little to nothing today yeah. I'm not trail and that is not shoot down and learned amounts possible liquor license back in the day and we all learned about bubbly and stuff that we did that we did thank you for joining us as always to Dole's.