Did You Know With Intern Kevin 4-25-16

Monday, April 25th

Apparently, the Disney Channel will be running a marathon of all their movies next month. So, for this week’s edition of Did You Know, Intern Kevin will share “facts” about all his favorite Disney Channel movies…

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I jail because you know engine blew up. And apparently there's some sort of movie marathon and it's become. Teaching now women during Kevin's been examined then why fans. Your dad your bag I. What he conference. Did June now in May Disney Channel is running a marathon of every movie they ever made and they airing that. Back so back to back starting on May twentieth man Sarah talking about Disney Channel movies not Disney movies right yes so we're not talking about like Cinderella. We're talking about High School Musical is obviously and as what must they made everything was less a cable seen a girl on. And I thought Kevin has the whole list printed out and ye must be very excited about this because he's. Highlight of the ones he's gonna want a test or inside NN my current over some of these yes you can you tell us what some of these are about obvious I'm really love iced the High School Musical movies we know the house. What's that what's when he blew homecoming warrior well deal low ends gray integrate Disney Channel movie it's about a girl that. Pass to decide whether she wants to stop evil or go to homecoming. Five. That's crowd. Islands are developed. Your value out of my favorites and a UT know these these wanna watch and be seen these movies I seen them I just it brings back memories how many of these movies that are released have you seen. More than half. Asked how about down I see this alive. This Cheetah Girls. They're my favorite group before. They as a musical pot. Right yes I love every its live raven Simone and all those other girls on the day it's really it's really empowering for girls and it teaches our own mixture now of race and there are guys that got the message clear intent to have intimate as you have any favorite group of three and fibers just that you just. Like same group of four I'd just like saying group of forest you don't have a leg while we all right down I mean let's let's xenon this sequel I didn't miss pronounce that that element Z condenses from the bear from the future and then they have the I forgot his pop's name again I've really hit song and I think all the time. It's another how these are like musical all of all. That I'm this scandal I don't think I hate crime or go to prom I don't think that was. It's not a musical that their doors something and he really likes the proud. Families the movie. Yeah. I said mama's life B ram one penny crowd it's about just it is it a reality show now known on on the cartoon about penny proud. All right and how sees she gets mixed up in school of thought is is like. I don't know a slight full house but cartoon did they always told our guys guys that's your. Video is holder had high now. What the house and they're always well I came as. Is the name ironic then why it is hard for them most of it's an ironic name in here proud but times are always tough yep flew down interstate. Princess protection program. Yeah I live it and started young love the fly and two girls they look alike they use the way it's played says. They wanna feel like how it is to be a princess are regular students and then the princesses like always watched us about prince in the Popper. And on the again and hey how about. And he's million dollar cook off the high eight if I remember this is where he's so like Eddie from I'm not so Raymond. And then he does such a spinoff from what was the one you can relate to the most here. That's a good one let's hobbled believe and wants him before you answer and praying it's horse sense because. If you're strong nets whoa probably Halloween town. Clearly. Why why is that is that she's so deep I really like take as it has like all these fat chicks and monsters and this is like. My fantasy comes alive. Venice C I would guess something very different prop up the magic came alive. A lot and following sound and he traveled all in town there's monsters there's skeletons there's witches and wizards at the Jersey. Now it's a while it was dangerous and how the wizards like. Elden but I'm not gonna ruin this or I don't AM please dial that this is did you know again when does this marathon star Friday made when he sings funny seventh I'm coming out movie party at my house it'll be nice probably Meehan myself among dogs. As for dogs it. And these have movie leg. You know least social person in the room even I know you can't see you invite people who live on your bed like they'd just seen him get away yet they can't go anywhere so I. Any bounced. Got on I haven't watched Jack. OK we were getting text messages while every movie titles said brings back memories my childhood and I thank you for giving me all this this doubt Joseph well thanks to Disney Channel they're doing this marathon in May yeah my daughters I'm so much a colleague had and we. That before this last class soccer I'm not I'm so I would.