Did You Know With Intern Kevin 5-16-18

Wednesday, May 16th

Intern Kevin shares some fun facts with the rest of the Wake Up Call! 


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Call one 69 BN. It is not large bill because you know engine blew up bits and did you now to win it and act without. And yeah didn't Jerry Jeff does your morning intern Kevin guideline in every time the. Pride of sex date we know you're in the annals of finals right now we really appreciate you taking the time out of your extremely busy schedule do you share some knowledge with us here on the wake up call. We got for us. Did he Nellis hobby was originally. CC to kill bacteria and not for its flavor. That's not necessary now of modern sanitary conditions that people still eating at a half. All so what is it about what Saudi. That kills bacteria in question though strong the spicy. Bacteria hate that clears their sinuses too much of that why yes but I. You know that. But did you now Mossad the most obvious that we eat is it real. Now yak what is it realists obvious they're actually green at bats off food coloring. Real obvious like kind of like a ginger texture. ND excellent color texture OK it's a little root yes we know that. You can only get in am. On the other side of the world you Wear on news of the world. Odds of hand Barry Q and our health I was worried what Joseph sunny farms. Are gonna look at. It is true yes I mean they could have still. How but the traditional way to grind it was thought Beirut is this is crazy and it seems excessive. The original way is to do it on shark skin they'll let Italy go against the grain on sharks game up ahead how they greet the root. Unlike some like purist shaft still do it that way and it's like. I don't think anybody do it that way anymore and you don't primitive did. Well let's price are doing its job. Yes you all that was Abbie I ha why is that I am up food caught a similar. Ideas right. I know when he said I know odd guy and I can bring you Willis sob. We feel real let me I'll let you know I will Saudi hooks. Deep Aimee I don't mean let's not what does that. Well it's not. All right did you know I didn't turn DeVon did he now. Hugh Jack. Clinton did in LA Wolverine was a real animal until he got. To the set of X-Men he thought his Wolverine character was based on a wall. That's that's not his fault he's Australian. Man roster and animals. Didn't believe cool all those were real. I shouldn't but they think everything that detonated. It would to the real and I know how did you know did you receive quality hand Kevin though oh my god and it still wearable. You think cool wallets are nice aren't they the ones that Lou really slow I think that is. A lot of I can't let him implement. Yeah they do give you chlamydia. Well look at they're disgusting I don't know what's. About it. The law and then it looks like humid and hot or not. You know you don't. It just like. And cannot than. The big button all and great you would kill all equal all are so what. At that one I like how. Jackman get this far in life and not know the Wolverine is really in how he seen what he looks like yes that's why. I understand that he looks so good he'd no one cares that he's not intelligent. Oh does that you bear the like here's what I ready collagen. Amman. Did you know about was not what he did did not call while. I show couple and while. But I mean it's okay though because you're so beautiful all ill are bigger side and Al. Well I don't know about in the night and you're not out you have not seen my insides it's like a rollercoaster. Of movies I. I'm a nobody ever. Your group can prepare rotten. Thirty dark dark dark yeah he had twisted. Evil sometimes frank but on the outside though I love my caddie you're here in angels and Europe's one year hybrid sunlight here why in Angel would dream if you're Angel dreamed about vibrant sunshine you. What an Angel would actually be attracted to who's actually yes. Wow these compliments agree there are all made around you guys are I.