Did You Know With Intern Kevin 6-13-18

Wednesday, June 13th

Intern Kevin comes in with facts he has found on the internet:

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It's not I'm sure they'll be passing an engine blew up this game and you now to win it and act without. Ask and I yeah. They sparkle sex stayed intern Kevin is here this morning with some taxi stands on the Internet morning intern Kevin that Barney and I don't school. I bit OK that's why. I'm mines bring Brad. And I without ever. Yeah that button and I what's up actually a force today did you now Japanese people live really long lives and the birth three in Japan is relatively low so this makes sense adult diapers outsell baby diapers in Japan war. Your seeing seeing and they do they live so long would you want to live. To like be a hot over a hundred years old to be a centenarian. A hundred years now that's too long. This defies my cut off. He'd finally go on a 55 yeah. Little your life right now. Yeah I don't want to experience been like crisis I'm an Abaya ports that I don't use what you gonna have to like and get working on that making these babies and having a family of five next CN. I. Sat for your kids yes. The illusion so early not if I'm not them apparently Tony spot by the time I'm 50 their dirty I am done. But do you think these at thirty you stop loving your parents and stop letting them run the setup their kids right either twenty won a Tony for. Can't you stop yeah they did not all the yeah. I don't see your grandchildren. See them out the world that's you can't watching them grow Lott made that not my kid a she. Have read the body might cut off Graham this. No I've never look I've never met them all are known that I had any Hamburg three out of your. Ha come to America. Lots of opportunity. That weekend. America why I came in a world KD. Yeah that's why can't I might world flew across eve vigil are. The pilots did he jab my mom's womb was across the bow that's right okay. How strong America. Just like column that's. I know London my boat was a little smaller fee only wind rider. I did you know an intern Kevin. Did you know the first south he was taken at 1839. A guy in Philadelphia named Robert Cornelius Turkey's south porch at where he was experimenting with the new camera. What do what kind of bottom could clearly that guy who took itself be an 1839. He opposed to on something what do you think he posted on. 1839. MySpace. Why don't. Canadian Gergen and time but what purple ball was still around right end second of all MySpace was called whatever property you. I. Thought pattern and a picture on my eyes Briggs that yeah. I'd did you know adventure and Kevin. Did you know Elmo testify before a congressional subcommittee. And 2002. On behalf of music education. He's the first and only non human levered testified before congress home islands. And I think. Yeah up I was hoping that that would tickle. Tickled gab and over here and add. Had counted out I don't know I don't know he did they get to congrats. And with dear bill that is money hello Larry. Actually I would sit chair. And was wearing a suit and tie it would do the dorm room and didn't. And he testified and he moved his mouth to you know. Knew that I was there to try to raise money for music education. In. And nobody else could gotten us. I really jab. Why do they had said that all I was Kevin Clash and he went on to have announces save free sex life yeah her her. Us so well. It doesn't really happened that admiral what he wouldn't. Ten in your try to dig a kid so you don't think that. That that this probably helps your cause. I'm also a symbol of music and Sesame Street and he's not the symbol of music he sings a what does telltale signs because you're distracted by an adorable puppet is thinking big key is factor we're right wins. And we know leg of Al always with testifying in congress that we should be able to have child labor again I. Like. Should be. Ted Allen isn't saying it shouldn't how do you not like I thought that. It's. It never happened at the vibrant and anybody. But he looks like somebody that someday we'll have to nab him. Why.