Did You Know with Intern Kevin 6-15-16

Wednesday, June 15th

Intern Kevin is back with more facts that he found on the internet! Listen to him share "interesting" facts about capital cities, cucumbers, and water...

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I was I jail because you know engine blew up. Good morning interns Gavin gave up a lot of soccer match I didn't drag down and let the license to do as I can video did their damage the hi Natalie offers today did you doubt the holy cow. Practice like Claudia symbolic act it borders Australia and I go or go back hang in is that one country. It is it's that it's not capital city and while that country as close via and then the capital city as contrast this lobbed at this event. Listen I get you couldn't. And renounce this I'm not an easy and you know like Tina event and the treat each other in the country again look Slovenia Slovakia. Office. Now I see ice I see it out and what is the border at borders are Syria and hungry okay I'll cast aren't. Say Australia. Did he did say Australia all right so mom this is relevant to us it's a bit Sybase this is like sandwich between two countries you so be like if Sacramento is sailors and it's me and New Mexico and Washington State. You country. Thank the only way to respond to that is yes yes they do now. We can turn capped. Did you doubt cucumbers are 96%. Wire that's even more than watermelon which is 92%. Water so we should call cucumbers water heiress wife wanderers water burns on their birds and know which recall. Watermelons. On not that much watermelon. Yeah. So again snow. Cucumbers in your water yeah. As add lemon and a little bit him in such a good tee time I'll ask you put all that in one glass of water this yeah. My body feels so rejuvenated after a while riot one wow maybe I will Kevin yeah endorsement yeah. At what else you. Gonna well I'm out nicely it's an apple and alive for eleven and or its at a sometimes like lemonade strawberry they're very and I am anti oxidant said that fruit and stuff is really bad for you how that's called anti oxidant now when you put like fruit salad and water infusions. All I ally in detox means I get rid of that toxins that your body Dan and detox and yeah I'm ride I start a web site Kevin's infusions. OK okay aren't any. Has lots of those in Europe and called eyes fine I'll start a blog and what is the business you do porcelain glass of water Kevin Saturdays and outs and you dust off some maintenance fees and low low price of 799 per bottle it's bottles come impact so far only sent what led Sacramento and outgrow so it doesn't include. I'm heavily fees and charges actually charges may include. Pretty box is about Tyson I'm dying well in your brain and may. It's very I'm very gray right fine not URNC. Well honey. Infusion. Kellyanne why did all you ever known for which confusion specifically our top sellers are the strawberry Lemmon on or all that meant Bay's all. Cinnamon one is really great what's the name of that drank. Cinemax MD. Becoming the CNN man die mean mine. Obviously is the same thing. And so the key is different views waters for different result. Sometimes you can get you can get them here five water or if you want to go wild and get the love tap water that's also include its it's he charged. Half the water and we also have. Classy water to sparkling water you know unless you look at grant is an extra ten dollar charge them and what. Some were good water wow I sparred over the rail later. I didn't play well. The most talked. Did well and your detox feel bad boss hated on I give mark customers are you can you. Talk. And you kind sum up to detox center. It's like there are models this circles I've got out and make you sick we Healy you upgrade your six kick in yeah all right Mary cabins confusion. My daughter. Low fusion.