Did You Know With Intern Kevin 6-20-18

Wednesday, June 20th

Intern Kevin is back in the studio to share something that none of us knew. 

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065 the end. It's not starts. Because the engine blew up bits that is you now live and act without. Yeah he's always trying to live his best life and he's on summer break from sex date. Ensuring Kevin is here good morning injuring Kevin Kyle. Are you enjoying your summer break oh hi guys that's. Itself fine plus you've been you like you're able to stay out late when they street lights come on bond to yell you know I always been able to do that I'm twenty team. The average well it's solved. Only three tunes you know 444. Q I read now how 1990 fall are still not wanting to do you not know how old you emirates. Utah did shoot well how old entered into. Fights every week in certain Kevin comes in in the gives us random facts who knows where you get somebody up press today did you not a president can set an emergency text messages to everyone in the country whenever he wants it works on the same system that sends amber alerts are severe or whether warned. Oh my god that true interesting thank god no one has told trump that yet why. All we all would've gotten line that we just wanna just said which time or something. Not now or he wouldn't be used like I kept my keys I thought that. I've got this kind of aid the Mike Jacobs. Kevin if you access the text every single person in the country once and you could only takes them once and that's it. What would you put your text message. Eyelids mayor. Daley Daley whom I got Howell relieved. UN try to get something of what the state people can just troll people at it and the that would that would be fun. I did you know with intern Kevin did you know penguins can't taste that's their take my. But only tapes our Edsall and the teeth of this comes from Matt who mommy aids but an axle. Say it's salty they come from its water. And what else are today. What are the eating you backed qualified. I either of those things that varies frozen berries are there frozen berries. There you go blah do all of Bear's land of the EE NC penguins lead penguins finished NASA like that do you think England. Antarctica. And yeah. See pictures of Antarctica were eight yeah eyes and that's why they're frozen there you okay have you see. Mary bush ever. Been on on National Geographic but they mainly focus on the ice in the ice in animals only I don't think they focus on and I think that's the Sahara there. I don't eat dairy now Al Arab airtight. Or type their bearers ready and I can't. He's very Heidi Goji not an outdoors person but you know dirty Dick you. Grizzly bear you'd think you'd be equal the Hoggan Boca they'll leave Barry's money. That's Thatcher oh. They only eat fist. That's so boring and that's epithet I last won did you know within certain Kevin dust did you not a first round that was published in New Haven, Connecticut in 1878. M only had fifteen members are off fifty people who have found. Eighth you know that he's eight now. Like. Brother owns in the teens have any big mud that antenna. I think so yes I mean it could be something has happened there how we intend how does that work a big phones. You have to pull up the attendant to get a signal you and I that is cell phone in a town seventy eights kept did your head before that in her and none. The use and worse than usual or how I feel attacks. Use of yeah what are you what numbers and you dread of and pizza I. Actually about yeah day. You else when like I'm books were at and find them really confused and now. Who is alphabetical right and then categories. Category along with vote you got to the category that you know it's an alphabet. Could categories are too limited so made a hard to know where you need there were three categories which were black mood yellow pages like these bloop. Paints municipals. And like things that the a government run OK that. Not that white pages were people re yellow pages were -- The businesses and she canyon obligated by yellow pages like if you wanted to look up air conditioner unit go to air conditioner but innings that it would be alphabetical. List as an conditioners action. British. Think otherwise turn. Think the wise Kevin is that your yes it's oh he knows that and he's only twenty years old. 8165. B and.