Did You Know with Intern Kevin 6-8-16

Wednesday, June 8th

Intern Kevin is back with more facts that he found on the internet! Listen to him share "interesting" facts about Microsoft, kiwis, and the Earth's core...

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I feel because you know engine blew up. Good morning and turned Kevin's got my hands and it's time for your segment LT came with some good stuff. I always deals did you know within ten campaign. Did you now that companies Microsoft is responsible for creating three billionaires at approximately 121000. Millionaires. She is highly silence line. Well who doesn't who here. The millionaire how they do yeah house. The company generously gave employee stock options which are. Options for a spot past Howard gangs. So they asked you if you wanna buy stock and and I you purchase at if you want to that would be the option yes OK and then worked out for them yeah they got rich as Microsoft expanded their stocks went up skyrocketed and at least. Never plummeted and now they're billionaires and millionaires how about that I do. So I still in like him or not just bought them Florio I. Mobile. I have some four of the Q ones like that cute liberians hello hello Larry do you know how. I have like three letters or something I just think BQ one when they bought wondered if you like ER VE what is it I don't non. My dad got it. And I haven't I seen Brad coupled title but it's mostly green do you really own stocks and stuff like that. And you know they're all like labeled with letters it's not just I know I'm I know my stocks yes to spend it. Yeah. I. Now yeah I have a couple Ken and related we can we can now we know back and forth and it you know we can do a stock exchange knows she's got something. Does not act and never. And you earlier about what that's good for tonight did you now an intern Cameron did you know Kiely is where originally caught Chinese goose bay area's. But when does he really wanted to export them today United States they changed the name because China was Communist. Was made them unpopular and the American in America during the Cold War. It. Kiwis tried these schools there isn't quite angry on idol of battle of the bay city schools scenario a week. Kiwis really really QE. Huey you don't know what Sealy is the greens very thing he is not the bar but the QE where you may think he'll Lee. Ease I hit I Perry here eleven and it might not CAC joke again now for announced an I mean it's kind of a joke out. Data that it is I don't pitcher professional broadcaster I TE. When you say Chinese goose berries and Chinese goose Barry Maurice and I like because that might take his goose bay area's when Billy Eli Lilly unpack yeah. Yes have you seen that. When you log and it's a very tight race. Let's very clear or thought they glitz and movie did you want they want to add the chocolate factory OK not look Wonka and the chocolate ferry that I. Yeah would be dirty. Listen. Did he know it in there and Cameron did see now as there was a hall all the way through the earth. It would take you 42 minutes to fall through it so wow that's a long flat as long is how good I don't really line I would be screaming for the first five minutes and then I don't know when I when I. And a cat and here we got him USA you know I got to know. All of a lot. It usually. How is it says something it could happen that we should be aware lights on through here there's this is out watchers that I'm gonna catch a little daddy the worst part of falling through earth. I am now in the mall on long load the pain aren't that claw our gas probably the outer plates tilt it. Anyway so assessment tonic Blatter is expected. It. Exotic place the blood out of place if are the iconic place in yeah six and man can either. All right people are texting and and they want us to change it no longer call Kevin our little Angel baby they want everybody wants is to call him our little Chinese do spared if. And that. It's got to say I didn't listen Barry's I. You're not I mean yeah I'm 16 uneasily even over the last several side and and how. He's done and now my hair it's dead OK I want our guys we learned our lesson I could do worse they'll be thankful they want you recall the Chinese are the attorneys do Sperry and kind of Lusaka ferry ground. I'm lucky I'll be called balls. Chinese analyst Barry tuchman fairy if you and they did you heard that correctly he'll be called both.