Did You Know With Intern Kevin 7-11-18

Wednesday, July 11th


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He's still wake up call 1065 the end. That starts there won't be cast as an engine blew up did it take you now listen and act without. Yeah he's on summer break from sex dates but he's still learning every single day. This is his segment called did you know with intern Kevin do morning intern Kevin. Nobody efforts into Kevin. Did you know there were 27 ladders in the English alphabet in the early eighteen hundreds that acts so latter was that app. Actress and AK after Z and it was pronounced yen but it was dropped from the house a bit of Florida and the of the century. In percent. Lucky and I began what would you like to add to the alphabet if you could. A special KK. Mellow with a special K do you look like. So the special K it would look like a regular OK but when I'm off four corners but the actual line on it when you wouldn't want to add the students Marc. No no. No. No is married you know what the status symbol now it's genitals Melancon get. As you know that's not a and I know it's not it's what did you learn nests are you dig it about the apps that you dropped 96 lines and the connect that that's the species and yes. It's out there and it makes that's the summer this is the Steussie said. Steve sees that close the real. And his agenda at all. I. Did. You think OK. I'm telling you OK Kevin what are you get this information from your ideas so where's DC. Which won be this one yet to pull up Google images all of them all everything is barred. I can see is what TV drew right he fumbled one image that not. Want to get it. Just to clarify this is where you dropped three lines on the top three on the bottom and and you horizontally connect the first time last line. Second winds right and they needed a little points at the top in the bop era that was apple wrecked he's talking about the line where there is the normal paths and then a backwards ass and there somewhat overlapping had never even think I've never seen him win or aren't the general. Where the bottom two parts to enact and then the top arms tiger. So until lady don't you admit Alex had an uncle who told you this when it's not. True. I know that's true there are people that throw not only one of them not people under thirty are right beat I'd did you know they drink Kevin. Digi dot chimpanzees have cleaner bags and humans they build a new NASA every day so to keep up they had to change their seats every day. That's we would have to clean our sheets that. The last time you saw a chimpanzee make it's bad with fresh sheets everyday and in experienced your. I'm no dummy I. Bet you that I am not every day and do you ever would stay. When I feel like oh we never but if my mom tells you to make my bed ideal Manhattan I am I don't I do it happen. Do you think do you think that down when you have a lady that comes over I make an USU likely these aha. When they come over do you think that you should have a bed made or I need. Move. Kind of draws it. Rarely try I don't know are not really there early just trying to how fun from the nine town. I'll have the. How Elliot does not demonstrate they are admirable I'm getting at Pitt says are five now you oddly. Our marriage yes make the Mac a. Well OK. Okay. It highly dude I's house and his band wasn't made and I would find that a little bit off putting especially if he knew I was. In you know what it date it's kind of like sexy that adds a little messy and gives you the feeling that oh we're gonna have tons of fun because he doesn't care about his rounds so we can just trash the whole place. What. I am happy and not have a tax. I'm having fun just. Kind exact that he gets a lot to MTV Batman thing error Blair and. It cuts should just. Kerr and down wind is blowing through its natural right order in order that's the shot of the lamp that gets pushed off from the counter top ten. I know there and saying you're bad. The game is solid and she sounds like. Ollie gets contraction. One of your flash figurines yeah I don't know. Can't get one and she broke your empty bottles at Hammond CU collect yeah him. Yeah a lot of that happened but the island and they get out right yeah all well. I now. Disrespectful. I know I'm bad dirty but don't touch my plot all odds this respect you didn't make the bed chill say yeah well on light he material I think kid out why Hawaii yeah. Thought it. You know I figured for me I assume that this was trashy mouth. That I. 1065 B and.