Did You Know With Intern Kevin 7-18-18

Wednesday, July 18th


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The wake up call. 165 the end. I JOB casting an engine blew up at the well it and act without. Yeah I've been on summer break from sex statement a learning just continues every day it's did you know within turn Kevin good morning injuring Kevin got my name weighed up president. Did you know it's a legal holiday rabbit in Queensland Australia last year may have just said. At that. Yeah let's German Jewish and he now you know how to pull rabbits now I know I know why we don't want our war so would you want. Katie symbol solution become a magician down why trade deal to become a magician by trader can you just say like I. I dabble in yeah I'm kidding keep it does your passion I might I. To be like here your occupation yeah all of is why. Oh because overproduction of rabbit when they pull out the hat they right away and then they reproduce and it's over populated them out rabbits in Queensland you know they don't want to own any more rap. It was Al household pact. You think Americans should be able having more will than hamsters why you had a hamster I know went to Atlanta what I want to. Probably not something by itself doesn't want that guy who was it because the seem way you treat your dog you are treating your cancer. Obsolete and I treat my dog is way better they're scared of insulin redoing and honor the victims really. They star only put hipster in the little ball one time to spend it around calling when it looks funny yeah you told the store before and no one out of way here the limit our high that would click on the what I random now. The one that dye cotton ammonia from other hymns there. And I don't blends currently dormant or anonymous is adding I'm Deanna looked Geller your embarrassed to tell people that you killed no I did I brilliant and while I love I am certain you are pretty well and sunflowers COK. A guy he's like yeah BR hamster worldly we got. Intervention by the way because I don't have. You love. Animals too hard sometimes whenever word the sag down Tor and somebody brings it dog which I bring your dogs for your babies you get down on the ground and you hug them ferociously. De La de. Beloved dogs hate being hugged like that. It's true the app from the back kick it seems like a dominant move. Moments ago in the front than Clinton. I did you know it intern Kevin did you know the average American reduces their way and garbage every three months every three months. You legitimately get mad. At to individually open every like dishwasher in a little pod because that is creating more waste why he it would does that mean one. Okay say aren't your dishwasher. Yeah multi okay well the what is that my husband gets they're all individually. All I I'll he had seen. Don't come anymore yeah I guess I just get one that's there Burleigh and a bucket yet these reach and grab. I don't eat a pod first right and that. There are a lot of stuff that seems packaged inside a package all of that is absolutely. True. Is happy here. Produces. More RA absolute. Heaven why is that. Because the more they're eating more means they're wasting lacks. I would think if your car based though on the garbage that they eat right. And then I'm eating garbage I mean yeah we keep throwing a rapper and that's garbage okay Artie can't finish it to me because so much that's garbage all right I mean there's no way you finished winked. A it. The front but bilateral did you know it intern Kevin did you know only two states have never had the temperature over 100 degrees Alaska and Hawaii the rest of the states have hit at least 1050. I didn't know that why you never at 105 slot my facts says what I've been to Hawaii love Andy he said it hasn't hit a hundred in Hawaii law. Oh hole. Yeah your right guy to paradise. Kevin it's humid Kevin why hasn't hit a hundred I used by the ocean in the ocean produces ocean breeze which lowers the temperature about. Point five degrees. Catholic is touched Leo yeah. All boats made out makes its. Because it is getting ocean and the greens are win their whenever. Every single direction Lou because of the island you seek out of the island guy and blah from every different direction it can. I mean he can't but like usually trade winds all kind of like continuously blow one direction on what that what averaged. And actually I always had come from the ocean no matter what direction it's blowing Kevin science you may someday not that. Might actually be true. So iPad and the net sure that that need a cash and cash the trade winds are mind mental. 165 B and.