Did You Know With Intern Kevin 8-15-18

Wednesday, August 15th

Intern Kevin comes in with facts to share with everyone to teach them something that they may have not known:

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It's not our very own because the engine blew up it did you now live and act without. He's super excited to go back to school at sac state in the semester starts and a few weeks but he decided to bring some knowledge that he's learned at sac state in with us this morning it is did you know with the intern Kevin good morning injuring Kevin got Mardy. And putting up president. Did you know the color orange was named after the fruit not the other way around. Of course well some people peak the through was named after the collar I had to deep thoughts that is really need. Would you think they called the code orange or the alien and unlike. Pounding on that tree he. It right all our lives is probably a navy born. Those doing really well really cloud I. So let me ask Kia and follow up questions show are full of answers why don't we call yellow banana. Because there's several other teens that are more important than banana that are yellow like what you're. Well. And it fail like pineapple or something. Would you know play out there gala to leak had an opening and it's all right what are other more important yellows besides the man and it. In my professional career yet we would bigs and we dignity. Fires yellow it's not important amendment momentum Manila folder. Today Manila folders and more of like almost an orange have a nice guys. I yell about opera. Okay I'll squash squash that yeah I'll go all PLO one. Minute the color what the colors. Wash that. So given I don't mean to steal your thunder on your segment there you know with intern Kevin but DG now trek I yeah the first recorded use of Orange as a color name. Happened in 1512. And prior to the work orange being introduced to the English speaking world south brawn was already existed in the English language with it's another version. Of the color orange OK okay that was the bar at five deep. And a lot of bright and hey. All right Steve you know within certain Gavin did you know the Mexican flag has more colors than any other flag in the Wear out and got app. At least sixteen big suit coat of arms in the thinner. I'd. Hate you added. More colors are fun. Red white and blue OK okay the question what other guys whether. Right. What are the courage vision and why and don't say squash plead yeah that's ugly color that cannot I would. Save agenda Tara present to really goes well with white and blue and in also the cousin of grads oh. And what would the our. And discovered in conquered by the United States of America and I'll be like the big flats and Loch Ness Monster are asked I thought our guys. Aly and and flat space we don't district 35. Why it's yes every now there's one under the Hoover Dam why. It's area 510 area fifty line. And day out that's though I'm on the desert and a what's on it and nobody out that good yeah. Alexander spyglass what did you know it in certain Kevin did you know you kidneys do where to Haley rickshaw in India. It's I've driven their wrecked shop before and it will. Without wait you drove her you're an idiot okay I'm like yeah. Pets are like you ready princess from the jazz dire where were you would armor shop downtown apparently a lot of them are brownies just call in number in the come pick you up. The good guys on the bike we have. Up seats. That's not really a rickshaw right. So on a bike it's like more than petty cab right by young rich guys where there actually holding the stakes and their running ahead of view in their pulling the club. I like get Vietnam. Right try to native country. If they play at tight out laws and France and animals on nine. Didn't you tell me once that when your mom went into labor could you were born in Vietnam. That she was rushed there in a wreck shocked I know she was booked she had me on nine. I think a plane you know she would have you on a landmark then I don't need it. Seeing that I came out a little. Is he does spell out our would you tell scattered Mary I don't know I was the heaviest baby in a hospital badly quarterly explained so mom I'm glad that I'm funny and I can state facts quicker than long long long story out.