Did You Know with Intern Kevin 8-17-16

Wednesday, August 17th

What did James Lipton do before hosting "Inside the Actor's Studio"? Find out the answer to this and other "facts" during this week's round of "Did You Know with Intern Kevin"...


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I'm Cheryl beat at. As you know engine blew up did for me. Wind and. Yeah. I hey Internet I'm tad. Agents from the right did you know an intern Kevin will be out for us today. Did you know James Lipton from inside the actor's studio lived in France are one year where he worked as a pimp. Why. You I. Although that's due. You know it's happening right now not every single person you can Google is doing James Lipton actors studio camp he's. Late yeah. Oh yeah yes the real merit respect. And now the gym is believed there was one top ten Paris manage that isn't like software Rudy Oscar film hunker. And he did a quote rural ordering his business. OK okay. LJ what do you think this now and and and is now. Or he was allowed inside the actor's studio and on and a bit if they knew it was apparent when Clement who is he even now. He's very renowned person who fled I'm more active mode panicked and down OK so he was intent and apparently she did he find him being Harvard or do I mean we all know penned an easy ride and it's an opponent and wasn't easy God's sakes you know telling me you've never seen the show but he has a very odd way of talking and it if you don't know who James Lipton as this may not be funny but if you do this and this should be funny I have got to him as a pimp. Sounded like. Sweden and don't let me god. Cinnamon where am I mean. All loves the good news. All up and reviewed the word routes. Will be forced to pick. Could it I want to do this a couple of reminders yeah. Since. I get a look you know really look at. You I didn't like a domino notes of why I. This fight Al Arab. It's fun all right I did you know it intern Kevin did you know Andrew Johnson is the only president who did have a pat at the White House he also been a whole life. Yeah maybe I was aim and Kevin the intern Kevin why Jiang's comments in turn everything into Kevin why didn't have a path. Because he didn't even have a whites. Okay. Allergic to some think now definitely not what I do Guinea pig would you consider that a pet now. That's he's Smart house and be at least see a ball steel industry saying Guinea pigs are invisible mother too small for the naked eyes. You know what I mean I think Kevin's. Ams to earth one yet they weren't considered fat could like toys okay can you them. Pyramid you're magically messed up person by the way did you know Guinea pigs make it to the human. How camp uncertain new low for review did you know it intern Kevin did he know that. Editor of the New York Times crossword puzzle as Lil shards and he's not only person in the world with a degree and a moment college sees the study of puzzles he created this major himself at the Indians and the university him apology England's policy. You could increase me here alone. Me me me there relative VO I am right when I found that I was thinking. And it would be the study flamboyant C. Wow what would you call it. Flam boy and oncology. Flamboyant college east flamboyant apology. OK anyhow like what would be like the first day of class so you learn and how to identify. Flamboyant C. And the second day. How to embrace them Boeing sees second year and how to interact with flamboyant C. Even the reason you're so flamboyant it does your mom thank you too much soy milk and Europe. I. Yes now actually now live locally still flamboyant C now we know why hate Kevin like this is because one he was getting his degree in flamboyant C. He lived amongst them much like G good all day again. Guerrillas and he just took on their traits hello yes exactly and I look like before he result Playboy he top part of mail. Yeah do you sort of have. And our boy.