Did You Know With Intern Kevin Disney Edition

Tuesday, November 14th

The Wake Up Call is broadcasting from Disney California Adventure Park, so we made this did you know all about Disneyland:


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Wake up call. 165 the end. I jail. You know engine blew up did the didn't turn candidacy or good morning injuring Kevin I mean every time. Wow OK it is time prayed Disney California adventure version in DG you know what it's very good. Let's go see and they were broadcasting live all morning from Disney California adventure for their festival holidays going on now until January 7. In certain Kevin what do you have for us today. Did you now it took eighteen months to build Cinderella castle because it's completely made out of fiberglass. No breaks included. Really yes but I just told him that says. There doesn't look like there's any breaks we feel like it's dooms. No and if off 5 o'clock that's what takes this magical because the fiberglass actually listens when. The lights are shining. That back them because. You said the for you are right I'm OK gauges made a basement stuck his finger in his mouth on fifth suspect that you got two year old that's. Went in my mouth all right we'll. That these dramatic. Now here so come. When you set the word fiber glass he used senate like you've never heard of before general what's fiberglass. It's it's needed it done non at. It allows me out of five where I'm is could be non reflective. Are reflective. Well does it reflect dead and I'm I am I not like a mere OK okay. So how different is it for real glass. Cash if it can't break. And while you're seeing a little IOK not indestructible. But like harder to distract. Plastic. No more classy than plastic. Hi my kids and I give my building materials. Olympic cloud inside my body I said that it's not made of plastic because it seems to be absolutely. Alas what. But if they can't type of fiber reinforced plastic. Using glass fiber and did I say plastic and aluminum. It's not a little not. Worried at about one yeah what's your next fact that. Did you know splash mountain was originally going to be caught zip but he river run. I know this isn't pretty you know yeah so far. Did bitty dude. Did the eighty day. My mom. Why that line of thought today. And then it repeats now or now. Hey the blighted land and beyond them sunshine and a yup played DM Graham. And then if you don't get many in every bit as good. You gotta nearly and what is low wide river runs he. I'd say you know what I don't really like the hot. Yeah I mean Eli didn't tell you forget it did note cards but yeah let's go to the next president Ali he's not a day three I started out. Mr. blue. On much. That's part of this time mr. Bloomberg on lie. Turn. I don't know where it might learn it doesn't happen that time and further burden horde tour. He doesn't arrive at the labor guy this one political. Body on non I had. The fact that kids. Most wonderful time. The song. And yeah yeah. That's alone. And then you know this is a dump on me OK and are now what why. On a cabinet is your big you've been mail in the yeah yeah right you can't it and. Did you though. Opening the park have a nice. And up and I'd done from the Obama my vote. A brave guys again they. Didn't him up regular floor extra magic hours shards. And then read war vote trap so that. The park opens things may get big announcement goes overall the Ayers now Kevin hurt bad and they start really why did they. Think I thought she heard my. Ironically stuck his finger in his mouth yeah. And fixed idea and.