Did You Know With Intern Kevin Thanksgiving Edition 11-22-17

Wednesday, November 22nd

Kevin is back into the studio with a special Thanksgiving edition: 


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Call. Well I think IBM's. I JL yeah. It's an engine blew up did. Yeah. Fresh back from his vacation and certain Kevin is your morning incident. Here. I know I'm even more excited than that America. And miss yeah and all like our rock star in Vegas yet you Lara play got an entirely he misses me. You're right yeah. While law we didn't issue intern Kevin was like. Back and it's time to your segment called did you know with intern Kevin Thanksgiving. Dish in the Lula what are ya did he now only meal Turkey is cod Tom's Miki gobble sounds female Turkey called Andy's. Lucy and so sex Ed dies Ashton B two. A sad I don't think you're using. The right way and I know you say something and then if I also think it I say hash tag because now it's not it's. What thinking tackles sounds sounds like you really don't Turkey gobble. Right and I was worried. Yeah it was a warm wet and now what do you think a Turkey tackle sounds like don't be offended TD. Like you're laugh yeah. And we do that let's bring you. Oh I'm sorry I didn't then no one out and say my. Only slight the heart seven danger all I heard he's count. There dared he tackle now yet if you're definitely implies yeah. Yeah I mean OK I can do a tackle. Hawaii I didn't feel that our rob I NN admit that. By less why did you know then turn Gavin Digi now sleep team are you sleepy after eating Turkey it's not it's. Tripp told CN in the Turkey actually chickens have march tryptophan and Turkey is you're just sleepy because you over eight. I sound accusatory. And I wanna believe my sleepiness after Thanksgiving dinner. Line tryptophan some sort of chick she. Term that we that we like to throw around once a year into camera call I'm allowed to do that. Because. It doesn't. It's better to blame it on the trip to ban. Then. Word just. Glut yes so it is better to say like it's not be influenced say again if that is not true. You meet sickened more than Turkey every day years sleep yeah. I aired so are you saying you're saying that it's the amount of Turkey were eating not the Turkey yup that my Beecher. I don't think that's what he was saying but I think that's what he could when I make my Thanksgiving plate maybe it's just may mean it's just because the my mom mom's house and there's a million options. But Turkey occupies. The pie charts Turkey occupies maybe at the most 25%. Today is all the other stuff you know still like how could that be true 'cause I'm exhausted. After Thanksgiving. The dinner share. It's almost like what he's saying has seeds through that. Surface every employee. But so stop nobody. No more Turkey leg what he is and isn't. Well it's because you're eating so much Turkey it's that you largest over eating and you're by every and he and I am ignoring the everything we can't add Thanksgiving leftovers afterwards you don't. Leftovers Irene may get into different. Dishes all in Turkey CM away and there are allowed out how original yeah I like our leftover Thanksgiving casts are all learning a champion against away. I can you do if you don't eat leftovers. Aren't all those considered left a no I mean into a new dish so they're considered a new dance you just you're making new dish with old stop France. Don't get in his logic IA OK. Okay thrash. But it's not but it's not Fred. It's. Grass I I don't know how to explain it to you how fresh air you can get our new dish. OK Kevin just say happy bigs giving him tackle probably banks give me.