Disney Chris Henderson Interview

Tuesday, November 14th

The Wake Up Call interivew candymaker Chris Henderson:


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I guessing live from Disney California adventure I had to wake up call Gavin Canadian rain and we been here all weekend long they have their festival holiday is going on until January 7. With gusts as Chris Henderson is. Why don't guys is candy maker we know because right before we went on he handed us a bunch of candy. Chris isn't opening tee every and that. No Corso and you always glad you asked it's. Listen I know a lot about candy breast. We get into him. What's the dumbest question you could perhaps. That's not gonna tell about what how what other dogs like government at this. There and dairy and this can't be OK. You know all of that triggers chose to do when you're in the food allergy. Chris Chris welcome north Gatti a welcome burning up and takes it coming what so what is your favorite candy that you're making right now for the holidays. For the holiday is I don't know it's there's quite a few of whom we actually ever are dark peppermint bark which has been an easy thing we have our ginger bread products that we have. Agent Rick apple Tikrit crispy. And then we have some cake pops that are quality beans as well. How much involvement do you have with the arm lock us. It depends eight with the creation of the products I mean we are or are making thousands apples of the day especially during the holiday season. Because intern Kevin has been eyeing those up he has had three in two days and do you think that that is. There is an apple owns I don't know. Well tell Kevin you are getting plenty of fiber that is true. And you can make. Like all confections are made I Disney. Candy products yes I am the unit that we're from yes anything from top to bottom who don't will produce budge we will be candy canes must definitely. Did pitching something. And yeah. Here you can bet the people like 58 then you can sue yeah it's not ID hat into the bid. And yeah. I. Grew up. The back in the chocolate. Here we had to stay in my parents are going to you probably will probably about being nice will this company to me. I don't want is that true. Or just somebody that they have like eight kids. Don't know my mom send me I'll hit my dad says in his general goodwill later yeah. You beyond. A vowed to let's say a merge turner whip. Look great and confectionery and shirts you've heard or met us and Disney. We will talk numbers alone. Have. They've given her rivals are varied she would not your given girl. Chris thank you so much for bringing us came McCain's making march modified and B Chile helping me are. I. Chris Sanders in candy maker here at the Disneyland resort thank you very much made peace from the buy we appreciate it thanks for having.