Disney David Duffy Interview

Tuesday, November 14th

The Wake Up Call interview David Duffy:


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65 the end wake up call broadcasting live from Disney California adventure this morning it's getting to Katie in rain give a special guest with us. This is David W as the director of entertainment per like all the parks for both parts that's so race to Disney fanatics. We know you are we down we love your work yet. Tom let's start off I know you wanna talk about everything that's new for the holiday season we'll get to that okay. First things first the frozen shall I know it's year old at this point two years coming up until your idol a year and a half yep. It is one of the best. Live shows I'd seen at Disneyland. And Disney World it is incredible. And like it's so good you give figure out how they do that we GO right well I was executive producer about how well they really know he's an eighteen it takes a village just glad I. When I was president of the mill accident. And what I was in. Second grade to us this apply your viewer he needs it about her. Yeah I did a ball kids performing guards critical because the kids out here. And rob yeah. We didn't even one of the Braves do you remember me you guys were so. On that we still talk about it in office building I. We're so. Get and so what out of an audible all the new thing that we have for the holidays which one would you say this is the motto if you had to pick one this is what you got to see. Well I think it's coming here to Disney California adventure for a festival holidays and we'll color season of life. Still so new for you out and you can hear behind is going on right right now he's earned. What I love about it is has a still relatively new person here to California. Is really celebrates all the diversity. All the holidays celebrated tenure Christmas and not be god and the Wally and Chanukah Kwanzaa and it just all comes. The whole celebration of food and everything. There were the color show I've ever heard people who didn't know it's been completely changed at all Christmas. Great yeah let's actually pretty impressive race great thought twice yes you know we've we've talked about the the holidays and all amazing. A little on the horizon for a second visit Disney rose. Possibly show. Points well you know we're still hug and figuring out what does the next that's for marble be it's been announced here that definitely marvel will have a long term presence here at Disney California adventure. Hi I think that could name attractions that could mean show. Is it could mean all different types of activation. Again you know we like to find new ways to tell the stories about the characters in new. A new environment sort of like the guardians of the galaxy. You know no bag take the characters you love until a whole new story win then yeah so I think you're gonna see a lot more about them around. And I am today. Watch her love for life has come down here and enjoy all your hard work yeah. Thanks to come down and watch frozen again and then go out and I enjoy the verbal volleys David deputy director of energy and you're the discipline and tradition very much you come alive thank you. Under 65 C and.