Disney Stacia Martin Interview

Tuesday, November 14th

The Wake Up Call interview Stacia Martin, Disney Artist & Historian


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Live from Disney California adventure awakened column what a six the end it's Gavin Canadian rain and what does this station Marten she's a Disney artist in this story hi station welcomes hi good morning good to see you again our thanks for having me it's always wonderful we can share these one applications like. Christmas again. Literally so while what is your favorite thing so far about this holiday season here at the park. Oh my gosh we know I had a really wonderful experience just a couple days ago. Our guest relations folks of the tour guys that you see it does not in the plaid yeah they have a wonderful guided tour. That they offered strictly during the holidays. And it's called holiday time at Disneyland inspired by. The 1962. Episode of Walt Disney's wonderful world of color in which Walt Disney talked to our audience and entertain everybody by showing them how the holidays are observed of his park. And this sort takes you not only through Disneyland but also through our California adventure park and shows you in detail. What are imagine years and our special decorating department here has done to both parks to prepare for the holiday you get trivia and facts in all this more and your kid out some of these details that you might not see because when you walk into the parking so dazzled by the enormity. Of all of the holiday trimmings that you don't necessarily move in for the close up as they say eager to see some of these be sure you're given. The chance to really examine these things and to hear about The Who what makes it special it really enhances your experience of the park overall scene of that in both parts. And special confectionery treats that are exclusive to the tour and collectibles. Reserved seating for the Christmas fantasy parade it's pretty fantastic and I got to experience it just couple days ago and was so thrilled spaceship. Those tore guides I've tried to explain the history of that terrain. And I've I'm sure I butchered it sure won't kid you run over the history of why they're dressed in black and where that whole thing started well the actual anniversary of the sixtieth anniversary of the first does. Mile and guided tour. Is coming up in 2018. And there in plaid and they have little little blue hats kind of seen those in the area like batting helmets almost they're not. While I saw them kind of in the role of being a jockey. That they were kind of the the guy beat the horse master at taking the trooping herds of folks through the park. In a way that was kind of organized but not military organized so he didn't test them in kind of jockey kind of ensemble. And the plaid was something that was just very easily visible. We have to clean up the entire time. Season and here with she has been trying. The most incredible scourge McDyess oh yes I thought we hat can't let you leave without a holiday yell and so who better to wish you Merry Christmas then. Uncle Scrooge yeah of course duck tails just came back on television this year. And and he was created. For Adonal that comic book that was Christmas comic Christmas for shack towns and that's why he's called scourge richt got right the great artist Carl brown. Legends was riding the Donald comics and he needed just ace in flinty uncle of McDonald's to. Put kind of crimp in the holiday styles of peppered. And then at the end he's trying to redeemed and you know it's a it's all a happy ending so he came up with a skin clean T tight wide. In Scottish. Curmudgeon names scrutiny duck with an homage to Ebenezer skewed to share from dickens' Christmas Carol. And at the end Scrooge is heart is melted and Christmas for Shaq town is successful all the death lessons of sharing with the less fortunate and all that is is all put into play. But of course it would never admit to being a softy that we finally got that he is. And he was so successful in that comic book 52 I think that was. That they were deceased and that is when my more of this guy and so Karl Marx put screwed in more and more comics Britain's unions and magazine and of course in the eighties. Based on those comic books the -- show began and that would gutter re booted duck tales that's playing now on Disney Channel. All of them they should thank you so much all my pleasure thanks for helping us kick up the holiday since its grand style so I feel like Nancy and.