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Wednesday, June 28th

A man visits Disneyland every single day for 2,000 days:


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The way it's high end and tell this story about Disneyland where did you guys are huge fans that. We've got to bring you one day range now it's gonna change your life right until I feel like guy I'm clearly missing out on a lot of things have been since I was ten years old time. And I imagine what a horrible life. And I know I lived in the midwest for a long time so I never really had an opportunity now to them in Sacramento and out of him closer. It's a weekend trip easily. So we've got a story about a dying. In Southern California who has visited Disneyland. Every single day thinking like. So bad I mean if you don't have a job I mean if you have that. Was that they'd you annual. Yes you can does many times you locked now the cat she is he's been going every single day to Disneyland for 2000. Days in a well. Five years he's been going to Disneyland every single thing that's. I lied to do is you weren't sure. That's two months. Steam or light. All he. You have OCD. First the market is at I hadn't played one day he can't make it easier sirens screaming yeah I didn't expect all old. And what do you sort of lose the magic. All we know he got he like like when you walk. When you walk down main street for the first time and you see that castle human CNET like a couple of years. Just sabotage. Like I would never wanna lose that I would never goat so often that a loss not. Only got to do but. Am leery and listen I Disneyland and I would go to Disneyland by myself. But I am leery of the guy and it's almost always the guy that goes to Disneyland to bond himself. Austin sir here's the stories games chafee's 44 and he at the time when he started going every day he was unemployed. I now he works for. VA assistants I believe. All that's why the VA sucks it. It's as. Jessica Disneyland and I had the first he actually was going by himself now all he has his current girlfriend. Com that sometimes goes of them all the time but they sometimes got together did they meet ugly bit. Floors me. And it says his we did visits are usually in the late afternoon or early evenings and after he gets off work in heat can kind of go and every once in the weekends. What is even do after five years of consecutive Disneyland visits. What what even do after I mean big issue is go walk around. Really neat and nice thing is if you only get around one right it's fine because you'll be there tomorrow. And that's that's true. The flu or something he says copyrighted matterhorn. I Garrett and it this article says along the way he's meant many celebrities and tried the food in nearly every restaurant saying it. Pete support is mind go to place I love going into it. I and the soft drinks. Some large tight did not pull. I welcome your show because they match. The word is really kind of thing and number do you think that number one fan on the club and youth club on the number one fan I'm bigger fan and this stupid idiot you. Yeah. Rage. War I had with guys Doug got some awesome and I like actually world. He really someone to strive to be yeah. I'm told this guy comes up with the big support your favorite restaurant. Or have you Ben. Made the deeds important with a passion could garbage restaurant. I asked you know the time where Matt. We're gonna go to Disneyland I think Katie was going to itself and that I made a bad and this is how passionate mad is against people the wrong. That was I was gonna bind that dinner at five war if I lost and he was gonna buy me dinner but if you lost and then that goes in you're applying need to. And about the support. Lied. And was the answer is yes. I am the bullet and I don't think America. Should really says he'll know I did support I'd put. Good pizza or what is a little Debbie I'm not. Yeah Yahoo! apostles awful but Israel calls them soft drinks soft drinks. From slumped I'm telling you guys he had the condition. Pat I mean this goal store. Ran into Baghdad going every game bird 2000 days in a row even say a year that he always injures Disneyland first book of hope before I'd going over T disease sure. And monuments. You have to do. Every day match. Yeah you wouldn't know every day I wouldn't go every day feel like it's sometimes I'm sick. And bring the reason why there. I'm measles outbreak yeah.