Is DMing Cheating

Friday, December 8th

WUC listeners asked for help to settle a fight between them after a guy's female friend was DMing on Snapchat instead of texting and his wife got really pissed:


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We had a your wakeup call. To wake up call my wife and I are friends with another married couple. They both have my number and have texted me however his wife has started to only communicate with me through GM on snap chats. My wife just found out in is really pissed at me in parentheses us and thinks something is going on. I never said anything though because they never thought it was weird and who's right here is it weird for a married friend of the opposite sex to DM on snapped chat instead of. Next to DM on that Ted is just did DM on any other social media OK that's it disappears that conversation Tom do you why. Yeah and then. They see you really I would actually just about to say I don't even understand were the controversy would come from on this. Because like if I like I text you know I mean that's not. Any different than using FaceBook message heard using. DMZ and is to Grammer I ever figured out stuff. Jack it felt real fast just to clarify it we were getting some texts asking what do DM is it's a direct message it's a message that you can send privately to somebody in three within this so right. Where I think it's different I think it went attacks. Like oh yeah everybody is goalie like everybody's text. Okay so well. That's just like the normal thing did you know. If you anywhere in your wife wanted to look into your phone where she would go to see who you're communicating. K eight. It seems like to DM someone especially. On snap. What it all goes away and she might not think to be looking there because that isn't a traditional way eight. People communicate with each other Broadway that that's just the one that you use the most often you'll agree with her. No I think god there's something super shady going on why can't she just if indeed I remember why KG just I. Next why are you why hold this this and there are routes. That also by the way happens to disappear all relay information and. Yells for the disappearing park I will admit is a little weird but why would you he would use that other route. Isn't weird at two or ride a bike to work when you have a car you know not if you ride a bike a lot of Timmy it's the same kind of thing words like it's that's just a motor transportation. This just the motor communication. One that none of communication that. It's not commute mode of communication that he or heat. Uses. Regularly. Obviously okay Johnson but she lied to a woman who's who's sending. I doesn't she talk sued this guy's wife on DM yeah. While I I don't know maybe they're not that close out and out so I think I think intent is way more important than the actual act almost always sell it. They are having a communication. Over DM on snap chat and they disappear and this guy's life. Think that that's cheating she's pissed that is OK let's let's put that right here for now and if none of those messages have ever been dirty or solicit. Salacious like tribe or soliciting for lightning can. Pictures and I anything titillating pray that the intent isn't there how why are you ready now. I mean this quite clearly was is like yeah your rear guard. Don't think it's been eight is interest and in the other light I didn't get it right as interest and. I Joseph I'll what did you want to say. I did bonnet if they IR agree that gap and I feel like it sort of format communication and and and they're very strong I don't see why it would be such a big deal. Might be a big deal not as severely in their marriage but it might be a big deal that this other woman. I did he get more as like this other woman is trying to have Blake. More private conversations with my husband and why. That's how I would take. I mean I actually read it there or something going on I would. Wait I have been that they need to acting kind of that he ordered them has been suggesting it mainly Shanahan needs and they at not a normal conversations. Has been is so aloof when it comes up to win and I think I think he's our a lot of guy is so home. I don't know I it just seems like it. It seems like an extra step and and why. Here's some attacks are getting a maybe they just started a conversation and never left Fiat. I mean that the BA. I mean I've done stuff like that. And I'll read. So much. Someone else made the suggestion what if it has to do with surprise Christmas gifts. Yeah Al what does it does. I mean I'm brain yeah that's true actually have been nice. How things slip carbonneau was so we can play in your birthday party. Does Barack Bryant was for you know and you know. Extra low.