Done to Impress Someone

Friday, April 13th

The Wake Up Call discusses what someone did to impress Taylor Swift! 


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Six IV and Devin. Always go to go. So I guess this story. A guy in Connecticut decided that he wanted to rob a bank only decided to rob the bank because you want it to impress Taylor Swift. So a little hey look this guy is seems worse. And that bank robber named Bruce decided to rob the bank. Led cops on a high speed chase driving directly to Taylor swift's house in Connecticut and decided that he wanted to take some of the money that he robbed from the bank. And throw over the gates onto the property of Taylor swift's house. All nearly two compressor can bounce. He was arrested. I've learned that well and rats where he's currently sitting in jail. Not but for some reason this guy Burris had a massive crush on Taylor Swift and dot percent raise in if I robbed the bank she's finally gonna notice because he's what Taylor slipped need more money. Wright say that nothing to do with money it was the fact that he laughs in the face of being here. Candlelight. A need that whoever is the next person to interview Taylor Swift Taylor. Were you impressed by them right because if the answer is yes. I will get a Bandana are right now. And their cover your mouth and am I noticed a flat and oust Al slick of a bank okay prescilla slipped just fertility goes who's that guy. Back channel afternoon in the day. Not bad. I ever got 766165. Or he can Texas 73389. What was something that you did to impress someone. You pulmonary and try to impress me you guys right. There is a time where I tried to impress a girl. By telling her that I was an extra in a movie. And I thought that that would impress her OK I believe it dead. I don't now it seems they're really hard thing to be an rupture in the movie out for her to prove otherwise. Well that's yeah it and it does make up stories from behind the scenes and you're on sat. That's exactly what I did we actually watched the movie together and I pointed out who was made the hole final watching and I'm like bankruptcy and find think of a crowd seemed. And then I did feel like cell funny story about Seth Green you know like stuff like that what movie I. What was the call I was some ninety's movie loud and. I Lal when I was living in Las Vegas IA who met a girl and I was like on to score out. Decided that you know knowing me and knowing that they don't do well with roller coasters or anything like are you could be like pirates of the Caribbean was about as hard as you can golly does your rights cell already knowing nets. I was side said he would ask ground on the deeds in we ended up going on the big shot witches at the very top of the stratosphere hotel like the big tall tower one at the into the strip. And going on that. Immediately afterward I was immediately sick. And because of it I actually lost part of my hearing. In my right ear and was afraid you're gonna throw up our. No but I was just like. Probably can just like the sound OK okay and hand out half the moral of the story was. Seen it wanna see me like two weeks later I was very sick and I like I barely could get out of bed because it vertigo so bad. Maybe we shouldn't see each other anymore. Today snag though is it work and where that's that didn't consider robbing a bank instead. Nobody should you should have these still be able to hear. Right we gotta cut a budget stories on text messages here's line but the next one's great. I'll blitz I took fly fishing license to impress the guy he had asked me Al and it was an avid recreational fly fishermen. And we dated for five years he super sweet com don't but that's weird that I'm a wide these things like a weird copy. Like yeah like any thing that like they did on the frontier it's like. Really until like making bullets. Were selling like that that be like all fishing yeah. You're my guy on a boat and you're in the ocean and the ban on the budget thing you're drinking a beer okay. I'm waive her. I don't know how old mill creek. Yeah. I actually remembering their was one guy that I went out with one tie him. After the date tried to impress me he wrote me like you pay each of blonde that. I say I guess about Hal mathematically. He we belongs together. Man relax now yeah. Arkin called the wave wrong cheering. Matt and other. All. I figure just like you know my quirks plus you are now eight final. It was a lot of algebra talked maybe geometry sure economic tree I can't remember oh my god. Right over your head you. Should have done this long which is my favorite text that we got and I tried to impress a guy by putting entire flight to be in my mouth the Jillian under 102. And has a better shot of working on year added. They daddy's gonna I'll address our national.