Double Play of the Day 9-28-16

Wednesday, September 28th

The Wake Up Call finds a winner for the Double Play of the Day contest for Disneyland Tickets!


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Guy and I think those two songs from fifth harmony which means let's talk to this person uses Christie. Yeah hey Christie it's adjacent to having Katie the way to Collins not your opponent guessing easier the second determined Seung. I think yeah yeah and we're looking for caller seventeen and the media's double tracked down 123. Yes your caller seventeen UN. Oil. So. Welcome this came personally for me so yeah well no I did and enough. Only confirm that that now candy can turn that's not true but I you're gonna do easily and Missouri I don't parent to day one park admission tickets. To qualify the grand prize fourteen against her down there when the resorts and hotels and more so congratulations and thanks for listening yeah. You'll have this wake him called double play. Artist of the day could happen again between now and 7 PM. So congratulations again hang on and just keep listening. That could happen in minutes. 00. All 179.