Dramatic Reading Of Swish Swish

Monday, September 18th

Gavin does a dramatic reading of Katy Perry's latest single "Swish Swish"


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165 PM former favorites artists. Here on the wake up call Katy Perry she's leveling she's fantastic she's very charming she's funny Perry pretty. She destructive video for her new song called swish swish current featuring Nicki mush that nick yeah yeah and again on it. I very interesting videos is a together some cameos from some popular athletes in a grow grow Crowley a ground he's an mice fed a New England didn't ask. Molly Shannon is an added bonus mom Molly Shannon I know it's in random but that she is she's Chris it's handed it they don't know how she is honestly knowledge and the elegant and Albania Algeria on our ID. The off on. And this song for routine had kind of flown under the rate her. Brain you said. It did dot. Do very well they came out like two months ago. Like a big big Katy Perry job disturbing single back in the beginning your gold chain to the read them and okay we played a little bit. And then she dropped but a petite suite I was very provocative and a lot of radio stations chose not to play at a while and then switch which came out it's a and a lot of people like. Katy Perry can do better. Any kind of just faded away Katy Perry releases on the was so dirty that moved their radio stations didn't quiet it was called bona fatigues I will let you only assume what you think the lyrics are about how I dining in that would know yes. It is. That tipping 18% and I'm very lucrative industry right I'm an. Any ill. The video for. Slash slash and I was able to realize right away by the song didn't do well but I thought maybe if we eat. If we had haven't read it lyrics dramatically OK maybe it was the change my opinion on canal remember the song now OK. But I'll do dramatic greetings we have many songs do we have who's charging is of course we do a great arrogance or even. They all wanted to watts. But they do all. What is why. They John strikes. What. Eight tiger. Don't lose no sleep. Either pick kids. From the gay shellfish. The warrant she. Did you bring your. Is spreading out of them don't you. For me. No and not today. You are calculated. I got your number. Because you are a joke here. And I am. Courtside killer queen. Yeah and you will kiss the rain and you best believe. Till get got mine. And I'll stick around. For more. Still it. Funny. My name keeps coming out Joseph mouth. Yet Dayton. But this thing goes through face the end date I'll chill and I asked I and it. 'cause eyes you winning. Blank. And swish swish this year. Another a lot of buzz did. Can't touch this old. Another line in that task given to. I wish we should be. This hired you should retire yeah. As pure. In old coupon expired. And car is not a liar and she keeps receipts. Only. So kids come honey honey I'll stick around. Swish swish. Make sure it. Well contact that wasn't fixed okay see now now that we've heard the actual lyrics of that song it and you can cancel Shawshank. Area and the rumor has it that song was aimed directly at Taylor Swift wow it's hard to tell. How can. I. Can tell you what I'll give them how right I can't. If that's true that's like when intern Kevin tries to throw an insult backing you and you don't know what the hell he's talking about. They use go. OK okay yeah that's the wake up call.