Duck Tales

Thursday, June 15th

Disney Channel brings back a modernized version of Duck Tales

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6:5 PM injury Kevin good morning good my name was and there's some big news that has happened overnight Beckham might not directly affect you rule but it certainly has a mass appeal. To everyone else on the shelf there. And in the studio dancing except Kevin. Know what's going on ten. Yeah I mean. Opening sequence of the new duck tails some movies. That's a really good TV show the did general like it's finally getting back on board with that everything old is new again. Rebooting. Duck this the first one that's coming out but they are rebooting the lounge super excited about my how the mother babies with low. Out of February and tailspin and they're gonna redo and I Chippendale rescuing. A lot of them now they sell at all. All of those Kevin you you know Chippendale are asked the squirrels oh I thought he was about to go with the exotic dancer so so you don't know the Muppet babies know I sell. Overnight they release the opening sequence of the new TV show and they haven't been nu wood duck tales theme song. They're right. Partied it. What is that. I like the first one man there. I like the days they've modernized big but not too long. Now at least I would heed her meat is still alive then then they got like. I mean I guess she's famous of police Joseph Barton from American Idol somebody must knows she had a guy. But I mean I don't know who's saying who that guy was in the original line underground and lightweight. Ira probably a thousand people know police are Barton. Only halftime leads Cindy can't. Get I don't know I just feels. And help you have a phone to tell you decided that it's happened again that you don't like. Great field just the beginning I can. Am I crazy bigot sound a little Miley. Not not new Miley now Malibu Miley Mike Von Miley. Exit guides and thankfully got Lance Cormier and that's it I think they're the same person sometimes you know. I'll play you something there's only three Spice Girls women and describe your hunters are not not know why they're. Three spice girl home Google it and I don't know why. Bunning he's out there OK that is not thrill you keep track of that conversation and now on the little match I apologize tight he Moline is. Then it's the first camrys and I don't put things at the head of the conspiracy. I think Israel will not be okay. OK and he's says remembers seeing all by. The limos Abel is the same time you are and except for the world tour they had like in nineteen anyway I know that's my plan does not look back somewhere I really kind of got off track here now into this and an episode of duck tales I'm sure. There I'd sell injured Kevin you don't you don't know about duck tails you don't know the history that they'll be you know Chippendale yeah out. Older sibling or not enough babies and I details in the yellow and right you don't know about any of these ninety's cartoons I mean these were super popular when we were kids. And your toi mean you toll Terry okay itself. I'm what are some of the shows that you had to be you'd like to see reboot itself. All pleasure I'm so brave and Hannah Montana. All the list goes on OK so let's that's back thank god that's Raymond had never raven Simone and it unarmed and she's thirty now says she can't be on the show. Yeah I mean they're doing a spin off on Arab where she has kids now and I. I'd like Boy Meets World turns girl's sweet girl needs were doubtless so good bill did ice seated as a murderer and the they're gonna trying to reboot your sister sister oh. Did TN Tamara Mellon OK I do not know it is going to be called sister sister's kid kid. Think David O'Connell of the matter title and the other series it was what Hannah Montana Montana Miley can't do that because she's past that Hannah Montana age I don't think she's ready for maybe Noah Cyrus now know. Oh and although it is really funny if you just pretend though that like the wrecking ball was the final and these foreign and and I'm proud this.