Dumped by Text

Monday, October 17th

Zayn Malik just dumped his girlfriend via text! Is this the worst way to get dumped? The Wake Up Call talk about ways to get dumped that could be worse than via text message...


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So later call 1079 and haven't taken a couple days off and our boss rain sitting in the morning and good morning McCain yeah here as well I'm Jason and I'm a guest host confirmed over the weekend. Zain mallet dumped his girlfriend via text he's it was horrible but everyone knows that everyone knows getting dumped via text. Would side educated don't you think getting dumped by text will be the best way to get dumped. That is my personal opinion. I believe doesn't actually has Yahoo! say woods makes it a little bit different but it is just somebody and casually dating. Please don't media. Acts. And bring you are saying don't. Really serious forget you is talk about AA very single sorry. When you dump someone via text I have but it would you prefer if you're gonna get dumped to be dumb detectors at her too much are. I guess my thing is I just. Just tell me be upfront and honest I didn't. Playing anyway I don't really care because if you're not into it I called you're not into it it's funny night. I don't you just tell me hey I'm sorry I'm just not interest to your way too good looking for me to have a day like. This sex is too good night he get an idea that I can't handle and I laundry piling now this is seeing all the time all the time now going to be out front and honest don't play games and make my case I'm single and 33. Just c'mon let's just to get on your biological clock is take it does. And for those interstate and Tom. Doesn't matter who we are what you call after this segment you'll be taking your calls it's I don't play we'll call it phone tender. Thanks got a backpack so I asked on FaceBook as an tell us what you think would be worse thing getting dumped via text and I'll run through some of these you guys can decide. Her is this worse than being dumped via text and cash. Nicholas said. When you're proposing to someone like demand drops in his knee in the girl's leg. You have problems of that relationship and has gotten that all I did out that they almost feel like that's an unfair one because. Shame on him are proposed this thing went clearly something wasn't going right that that's really one of those like she's probably gonna break W I I know a great way I get her to stay on her girl. Oh ice ratings yeah. I like that stuff John McCain says he thinks this you tell me if you agrees it's worse than being down via text that Michelle and introduces a new person they're dating. It's fat does work so they'd normally Rio over by right I stiffed. That's yeah it doesn't happen to me I mean I definitely headed to where it's been a sorry it's now or can now and then all of a sudden there's pictures popping up on your face defeated yeah in Arab neighbors said yes yes yeah. That's awfully fast years ago on this did lead to the only semi arid drank dom don't my head. I don't movie which was nice to I hooked up nothing too serious and bank that was longer like once or twice now and cup the three for weeks went by we hadn't talked men bumped into at a bar with my new girlfriend the day and she was like I was waiting for you to call. And don't drink are my girls are crazy. Yeah I don't you are right our rights our post you know the doors are worse than he can come see it takes to get owners say it's. Just the old school version haven't taxed the same and I'm. I don't watch how I got I'd let this person though I'll look at stinky now I write this yeah I think it's I'm so. 88 going into vs goes out of town I think it's happened to our relatives and Jamie Rampage by Q&A town for a race never talked began when answering calls. There's no official break ups and it is it is disappear the doubts that any testing yet. Yeah that's worse for a 1000% or so texting. As a break up that is not horrible I guess and the other ones. That's worsen because there's I had she beings just psychologically. Immediate closure. Just goes to someone. Eight makes you look weak and your chickens like you you don't have the balls to say to this person you really feel so bad on yell. But also it leaves the other person like. Sometimes you know well maybe there is really busy and then you're under a nine god I hope they're OK because in your mind your thing he thinks he is sure. Can't we and they don't like me. This is my fair when Terrell Malia said you know be worse. You know and you got like a kings game and send them pops up on the screen. That instead of a light will you marry me Intel will he get away from me you can imagine just like the crowds leg you know just happy birthday Jennifer and had to Steve. I hate you it's over love Marion she's a walking up the steps hitting habits are she's singing telegram and president of how funny but it's war or singing telegram pretty bad and that's where syntax right. Hey I'm. Also gets a singing yeah. I appreciate the all the back and detail work that went into the outlet it's it's in 1938 yeah my little tiny barber shop scored ten. Did they feel bad the moment but the thing your gaining in 96 year old man. You can do better.