Eating Tide Pods

Wednesday, January 17th

The Wake Up Call talk about the new online trend of teenagers eating Tide Pods: 


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1065 the end you remember a few years ago when Abrams creamy ice bucket challenge we need pour the buckets of water on yourself to raise awareness for AL ALS. It was a trend he would videotape themselves actually didn't raise a ton of salt water smiling and well. Now the new trend in him. Is kids are eating tide pods like a little laundry detergent pods. Why are we doing this. Thought from one extreme to another wing dump water here's company raise money to pay LS amazing great cause now. Apparently kids. Are eating high implies. To videotape themselves supported up on the Internet that's where we are in this country. Something a lot of people are doing. A couple people have gotten. I mean there's enough there's probably. I'll maybe like. Forty or fifty videos out there I think some of them are fake there are some people though that are legitimately putting its iPod their mouth and popping it and then trying to slow it. Support this want to know what can I would support my no kids like injured are never going to do something like this book is very intelligent people. George Carlin the standard comedian did say wants. That the kid swallows too many marbles doesn't get to grow up to have kids as well okay just the way that it goes. So here's say that same things should apply to him. IPod eaters yeah okay you're if you're the kind of person that is so stupid that you would either tied pod. I support whatever happens deal let me ask you that this isn't that different from month. Back in the little day is he said sent the wrong you got your not a washout itself. They're not see anything wrong. I mean as far as like I. And none level of like how unhealthy is at. Com. Yeah I mean I don't know for all I know is that. When that was like completely acceptable to everybody was like yeah that's the bridge re you deserved let's put soap and your cat lets. Let's go back in time okay. Remember what it was like when teenagers first started to pierce their tongues a and everybody thought that. Afraid that these and its first on the tracks like that's crazy you're gonna hurt yourself can't stop it. Wolf our cellphones background then there would be like hash tag Tom challenger hash tag. Political by ten challengers on the like that okay so is this really all that different they just want any part of the movement that is what Eads himself. Anyone needs and possibly toxic so. What you're there there's nobody. Is that he US consumer product safety commission and put out a warning years ago saying. Do not eats liquid laundry detergent packets. It's. Has to be set for I was done for babies. They look like Keyon rot okay. Now desert which is why they're leaving hi I opt out. These are now teenagers or young adults that feel like you know what comedy get more views on my YouTube page. If I ate take a video of me eating tide pods. Please if you write parents talked to your kids how many are feeling the I can't play I have to say this out out like this is that PSA announcements for drugs you know if your kid your parents aren't your kids about drugs if you're parents taught your kids about tide pods they shouldn't be eating them. Shouldn't be eating them but I don't think your kid did either not not tied pod. A lot of our no. You need to stop and think. I go wrong. Argues is your only job as the father of a daughter is the keeper up the pole. Job with a parent is to not let your kids eat toxic chemical you reference a lot of standup comedians I really am right now. Old rapper and they're free and yeah and the wider this like huge. You screwed up if you're a parent of the kid who either tied to shouldn't we conservatives. But didn't need to. Shore yeah. Again seeds scary servers every even people like. Heat the hot in pain and bar they need that meant jerk they've access to a stealth. I mean if you're gonna do the kind of thing that baby would do you should have access to a stogie that the parents don't let your kids have access to still be there yeah I. Know. Wake up call.