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Friday, July 14th

The mayor for the city of Elk Grove showed up to join The Wake Up Call in recognizing Intern Kevin:



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165 C end. It's sunshine a high of 97 today we are in Elk Grove it's the wakeup call sac town tour every Friday and a month July were stopping in to cities all over the area we wanna meet our listeners it just so happened. That's a where an Elk Grove because intern Kevin is from here and we wanted Q I'd show that we appreciate everything that intern kite didn't featuring Kevin has done in our community. It actually joining us on the shell. Elk Grove vice mayor Stephen gets tickets here thank you for joining us. Thanks for coming to an all girl in showcase our city let me tell you go. Ahead. Hey man they get the most amazing fall Gloria we had a great cross section you know one of the great things about oak grove is the diversity we. And as you can see even when the people that are here today. Bill Gross very diverse in it's awesome to be able to celebrate them. It's pretty bad he got an enthusiastic president that's for sure I just so so people now. Very nice yeah they take after the vice man. And yeah. Yeah shootings wanted to mention that that's happening in Elk Grove first there's going to be an aquatic center and outdoor common spaces opening next year right. Yes it broke ground in Memorial Day and it's scheduled to open memorial day of next year that's Olympic size pool. Wow lives is gonna whether we've been having. Now we speak for Katie have you thought about above ground pool. Yeah it's feel loved her I don't even. Think of up to what I thought. The other dealer dimension you guys are designing a US state of the art Elk Grove animal shelter right. Losses go to the final designs and we get a look at the budget juicy huge risk it's a huge financial. Responsibility Chico's kind of projects on so we you know we have to be really careful in how we perceive everything we you know it's it's something it's. You know that the howls of so many people lot of seniors that's their only yeah relationship they have with their animals so it's it's about. Taking care of everything on the whole cross section of our community and that's one of the big ones I. That's a drag that he had a fall we ask that mr. vice mayor to come join us sitting here and Elk Grove and now we've put together. The city Boca is particularly a certificate of recognition. For our very own intern Kevin. Is as they've put together a fantastic plaque for them him Steve rejoice about than that I should I have how are in my class. Everybody seems they ended up fifty. It. Is let's face to gradually I guess they can't hear get a camera never mind site crowd. Given your your team here. Actually gave you a big plug and was able to help. Negotiate this with the city of oak grove and have the honor today to present to. Being from oak grove I just let let me read this some people have an idea why overdue in this city girl groove. Recognizes Kevin win. He's Franklin high school alumni league pilot allegedly shot. I'm happy to graduate degrees I idea off sorry I lost it on the trip air. Saying he's a radio personality of the wake up call morning show one of those six the end. KUDLFM. That's it close enough. Kevin's started as an intern of the wake up call. In 2013. And was officially added to the show in 2014. And represented the voice of oak grove in Sacramento more than meals on the show Kevin's cry yeah I yeah I guess. I. Kevin has them. Strive to reach out and bring our community together serving in supporting organizations and events. With Philanthropic spirit laden. Undocumented and it showed as it is spelled out including numerous Franklin high school community service clubs. Project ride in many many more. Kevin spreads positive vibes were re goes. Invigorating and inspiring it community spirit. All the while continuing to challenge himself pursued tighter education. With a double major. At Sacramento state university should not known occasionally. I don't get out after seeing guys. Now therefore be resolved that the city council of the city of old girl and her board recognizes and celebrates. Kevin went first tireless service committed to the community and utilization. Of its journalistic talents. We. Don't know why he's in activities. All for the betterment of the region. In the oak grove community. Signed. The entire both groups and. I might edit yeah hey hey and I think it's. Right now that is fine. And my mom. Who applauds. Love it is your health could probably just sat in a lot all of that is true now and I long night. Congratulations. I mr. vice read thank you very much for coming out and seeing us today we appreciated and we have great pleasure we love your community be loved because here you have some amazing and people that live here and we are so I think both of Bieber do able to command yes well thanks thanks for having me and in you know. Until people want you'll realize Oprah is one of the best kept secrets in the region. That. It's good because I've I've heard of it it's got to see. I. Now suing. The wake up call it.