Email Storage War

Wednesday, August 22nd

Kevin reveals how little email storage he has compared to Gavin, Katie, Rayne, and Gabe:

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I injured Kevin stormed in here awfully angry this morning good morning and turn to Anaheim had. Trademark. Spent the last thirty minutes deleting my. I only have 250. Megabytes worth of emails raise. And okay. Hey I don't ball went whenever you've been doing it about it that room and miss. Yeah yeah look like it. I have an eight NI Lan arc well I did just it'll about it baba perspective for us. Brad and you look and almost no talk. I. I did a natural pass haven't putted up you can text the word I'm hair 73389. And I don't. He's done in the past but his frustration I used clearly seen on his face in with his hair until I can spread the member can see. I live in the rarely why are you this again. Because I went out 250 megabyte and though I love it I eat out space. Stewart should Arnold. Not to just to clarify like RB CR company gives us a certain amount of space to have arguments. In you clearly don't feel like you have enough does everybody at the same amount. So tell me why you ask I don't think tape let my frustration and I said Jay. I'm so frustrated and I only apps you are demanding megabytes how much do you out he checks death how much he had I don't know now. Five gigabytes. In my. Got it. I'm Martin mine came. At the. Got a tear may now click the gear being blocked ten shots and got it okay. OK no wait a hundred megabyte oh yeah and her. More than give Kevin Canty just sending email to cement and our bill I I signed death why he said maybe you should delete some stuff. Okay. Me. On I really aren't adding wind I even believe things that I gave out. The exit. They're five gigabytes. Let me just say. I feel like Kevin I have about many for a reason yeah I. Wow you mean I. Did you know I get sent pictures I get sent. I realize you need that much spin on it up an important shop. I mean I get all the emails teed bully bill. Out of five gigabytes of these great over the. Hey. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Britney megabytes is practically nothing yeah video put limits on that. Ball on the hit believing emails when my email says here's storage has pulled it might not. Every week at the. There shipped. Click scroll. Shift click scrawled there's no way to. Did you high like hundred emails got to do hand and then god forbid you delete something that you need here. Going and then up to recover as you accidentally deleted again it's just sometimes. A bit since getting read to him by surprise me. Why he was still tell when he walked. Her pets I'll be OK let me let me let me double check it let me double check and see what mine is not a little round. Yeah. I do what you had options here is what it is fair. Tear may now click big air okay. And then click figures out now ranked. Yeah. A wayward way and Sam. Option I can even thought you know not. We know I would have been published by and do. Don't know. Why. I'm and it's very slow sort of monkey bit is this going off. Well they are V. Mail space you have that. I determines. How important you are in the build on X do you. I don't I don't think it. Would well yeah I started but I. Continent I'm sent me an email a united Ellison email until you delete some stuff hybrids and I don't know I spent thirty minute okay from now on. Is the reason why the no why can't the entire wake up call that's not on the limits they don't need a moment yeah Lanqing space so where I had. May. Bennett video to our brand of birth and not worry about your start getting flaw yeah yeah yeah you're right luxury. Guy. They did it's me yeah. I Ericsson and spine all you're not even at present in the oh yeah. Fifty megabytes oh my god you might as well be small lot and it out a little different is the everything I am yeah.